Dave Mutschall 2012 Profile for USD

Herr Mutschall has been killing it with mind boggling switch-ups for the past years, here's his 2012 edit for USD. Hard work went into this both from front to back of the camera!

Up and comers: Dave Mutschall

Dave is one of these metropolitan suburb kids that have the rare talent of using their skates in a very natural way; it seems that this kid has concrete in his veins. He doesn't slam, he falls like a cat, always landing on his feet. He has the ability to grind longer and faster than most of us. Growing up in one of the toughest neighbourhoods in Berlins East End, 'Marzahn', Dave found a way to use Rollerblading as an art of moving and stepping out of the grey everyday life Marzahns monotonous architectured slabs entail. Combining raw rail skating, parkour and fluid ramp skating as his basics, he got a wide range of tricks and possibilities to push his own limits. And this is just the beginning...

Dave Mutschall Edit by Patrick Piesik

Dave Mutschall chilling on a a perfect practise rail. Judging from the skating that is going down in this edit, Dave must have practised there a lot. Or maybe it's just the genes? Peep it!

30 minutes Miniramp with Dave Mutschall

German powerhouse Dave Mutschall gives you a taste of his unique talent in this edit! The Berlin local has been tearing holes in the streets of the capital for some years now, but he also loves to skate transitions as you can see in this edit! Keep your eyes on this guy, it's going to be a powerful year.