Paco Rey SSM Edit

Paco suffered from a bad knee injury and has been slowly getting back on skates during the last couple of months. Not sure if these clips are pre- or post-injury, but we have the impression he never took a break from blading.

Paco Rey 2011 Profile

Not sure what's going on in the minds of all those people that release their 2011 profiles at a point in time where the year is just about halfway done. Maybe they expect the weather to become even worse over the next few months? Whatever it is, everyone will agree that Paco Reys 2011 profile is worth watching even if you aren't trapped in your home because of tons of rain and rediculously low temperatures.

NIMH Oli Short Promo Edit by Paco Rey

His name says it all: Paco Rey, literally translated in English as "Paco King" is a very descriptive name for this guy. And what better first name for a Spanish dude than "Paco"? He has way too many stories to share with the world and I am sad that because of his English not being too good, most of them are kept amongst Spanish ears. Luckily for me I had the chance to cross ways with him and have known him for a long time now. He is very loyal to his thoughts and will always take the good part out of the worst situation. Another good thing about Paco is that there is no place for stress in his world and this rubs off to everyone around him. He will take you to his world and you won't be able to stop laughing. It’s for things like that you want to have this paco on every tour, on every trip and possibly at least once a month.

Paco Rey: One Minute One Spot

Here we go with another One Minute One Spot edit straight from Spain. Paco Rey (Nimh flow) met up with Marc 'Enanoh' Moreno one day and filmed this within 30 minutes. Keep your eyes peeled for more coverage from Paco and Enanoh since most of the streets in Spain are still free (not covered in snow).

Nimh Spain tour part 1: Marc Moreno, Adria Saa, Paco Rey, Tony Cheetah and some more ripping it up in Pamplona

Summer time is tour time. Grindhouse tour, Be-Mag tour, Vibralux tour - the list goes on. Several teams from all over Europe and the States are currently roadtripping through their countries. Not everyone has the luxury to explore the great architecture of Spain. Well, the NIMH Spain team (consisting of Marc 'Enanoh" Moreno, Adria Saá, Paco Rey and Tony Cheetah) has this luxury. It seems like Barcelona is not enough for them as they embarked on a 2 week trip through their homecountry to find and shred new spots, crash different appartements and experience the exciting life on the road. We just received the first update from the trip! Peep it.

SSM Bloodline Summer 2013 Montage

Peep this super sick SSM Bloodline Summer 2013 Montage featuring Marc Moreno, Gabriel Hyden, Joey Chase, Adria Saa, Oli Short, Brian Weis, William Isaac, Julian Isaac and Paco Rey. These guys make no prisoners...

SSM ‘The Bloodline’ Promo Edit

Watch the new SSM 'The Bloodline' edit featuring Firstbloods Joey Chase, John Bolino, Billy O'Neill, Brian Shima, and Marc Moreno, Secondbloods Matty Schrock, Dave Lang, Adria Saa, and Remy Meister as well as Prospects Brian Weis, Gene Stagall, Sean Salazar, and Paco Rey.

SSM Montage #5

The new SSM Montage has just been made public and it may be the best one to date. This time it's First Blood Brian Shima, Joey Chase, Montre Livingston, John Bolino, Oli Short, Marc Moreno, Second Blood Matty Schrock and Prospect Paco Rey repping Shima made skates.

Valencia Crew Supporting SSM

Check out the Valencia Crew, consisting of Abraham Carbonell, Carles Durich, Teles Angel, Paco Rey, Francisco Ramos, Ferran, and Francisco Tarin as they tear up one of the local spots. The best weather, a group of close friends, blading, and Spain. All the ingredients for a sweet edit, so don't wait longer and check it out!