Morning Minute with Casey Geraghty

Casey Geraghty taking a break from the filming for his profile in 'Dinner' with an early morning session at the local park. More about 'Dinner' on Be-Mag next week!

Enjoy your ‘Dessert’!

After 'Breakfast', 'Lunch' and 'Dinner', Casey Geraghty, Nick Taylor, Mike Dempsey and John Lyke bring you – you've guessed it – 'Dessert'. Enjoy!

‘Dinner’ is served!

The Black Bandit Media family is relatively normal, except for one thing... they rollerskate. MVP Casey Geraghty, trying to balance college and the roller-hockey season. Nick Taylor, the zany chef that may or may not have his green card. Mark "the shark" Rosen's football scholarship will get him to Stanford, if he can only stop his pranks. A genius and klutz Drew Amato makes some really weird inventions while driving the family insane. Mike Dempsey's "Ricky Martin attitude" has the ladies swooning. Mark Golembeski, former Golf professional, lost his game after winning the Masters ten years ago and is now struggling to find his sanity. Mike Riccitelli, their crazy cousin living in Uzbekistan, has found a wife and kids to call his own. John Lyke doesn't know how or why this crazy group of twenty year olds are living in his house, but he does know one thing... Family comes first.

What’s for Dinner?

Everybody that watched 'Breakfast' and 'Lunch' sure appreciated the videos for what they were: documentations of incredible blading mixed with a little "Extra". The crew served highly entertaining videos that were spectacular evidence a blade video can – or should be – much more than just skating clips draped to a timeline. Ryan Loewy recently talked to Casey Geraghty, Mark Golembeski, John Lyke and Mike Dempsey to find out what the guys have been cooking up for their sequel video which goes by the name of – yes, you guessed correctly – 'Dinner'. Bon appétit!

Dinner Teaser

The boys behind the online features "Breakfast" and "Lunch" are working on the final installment, entitled "Dinner", which will be released this December. Be on the look out for an exclusive interview and edit, coming in November.