DRE POWELL // 2 0 1 4

Razors just released the 2014 edit of long-time team rider and blading legend Dre Powell. Once again he is coming through with a solid part, proving...

Dre Powell “WHOA” Razors 2013 Edit

Seemingly out of nowhere, in typical Dre fashion, this new edit shows that he has been stying on his game since his last feature in the Razors video, 'COTF'. It's always such a treat watching Dre blade, and I must say that this edit just made my week, if not just summed up an awesome month of rad blading edits. Keep killing it Dre, and for god sakes, give us more! -Geoff Acers, Razors

Top 5: Dre Powell

Razors pro rider Dre Powell is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. He is a true definition of a Pro, he can destroy any street spot you can...

Chris Haffey, Brian Aragon and Dre Powell in Colombia Live-Update #1: Somewhere in the Andes

We've heard about the enthusiasm of the Colombian rollers from the pros who have visited Bogota before us and the articles/edits they made of their trip. When we passed the airport exit the love was overwhelming. Dozens of bladers from all over the country were there to welcome us and a number of them spent the evening with us. The food is good here, it tastes healthy and natural, and the good local beers got us lightheaded quickly since we are in a big city nested on a plateau at 8000 feet high somewhere in the Andes.

Razors Dre Powell 2 out now!

Following tradition Dre Powell choose a soft boot design also for his second pro skate. He completely redesigned the skin, chose suede leather and made it an integral part of the boot. The result is a clean look, minimal added weight and long durability. The first thing you will notice is a deep and solid sound when landing, which is due to a new shock and sound absorber in between the soul and the boot. Other new features are a new buckle receiver, pre-stretched waxed laces and a Jug liner specifically designed for Dre. The Dre 2 comes with the SL cuff which provides ultimate support and perfect flex and is loaded with branded parts such as GC’s Formula 1 XS frames and BHC wheels.