‘Valo4Life’: Part #9 – Gavin Drumm, Andrew Jacuzzi, Erik Stokley & Keaton Newsom

In 2009, the Valo Brand released 'Valo4Life', their fourth team video. Captured during two years of touring some of most beautiful cities in the world, including Barcelona, Sydney, Los Angeles, New York, Montreal, Amsterdam and San Francisco with the international team. Along with the vast amateur talent from across the globe, 'Valo4Life' features with sections from pro riders Alex Broskow, Erik Bailey, Brandon Smith, Victor Arias, Soichiro Kanashima, Cosmio Tassone, and Jon Julio. Enjoy the first team video by Ivan Narez – and the only blading video on iTunes – as he and the team work to complete the next Valo team video, 'V', due out Summer 2013.

Rituals of Gavin Drumm & Robbie Pitts

Peep this edit of Gavin Drumm skating park in Australia. It's a testimony of style and skill on eight (8) wheels. It also has a guest appearance by Robbie Pitts. Me gusta...

‘Monsters’ by Craig Smith

Craig Smith put out another edit entitled 'Monsters' featuring Matthias Ogger, Cameron Wesson, Tien Nguyen, Jarrod Thackerey, Hayden Golder, Rian Arnold, and Gav Drumm. Filmed by Craig Smith and Jon Jenkins. Enjoy!

ARO 2011 Live updates #2

It's taken some time but it's worth it. Well, maybe not because of some technical hassles and wireless broadband not being great in the bush Capital. Some pics and clips from through the heats. Headcam thanks to Gav Drumm and Liquid Image.