Matthias Ogger talking about his Profile in ‘Seven Rats’

Matthias was obviously my first choice when choosing who should be featured in 'Seven Rats'. The first project I filmed with Matthias was his Rollerblade Solo Collective edit, which we pumped out in only about 5 sessions, this made me realize how quickly this guy can stack some decent clips. We became good friends through filming and skating together for the past year and a half which made it extremely easy to work with him on this project. Matthias' section is filmed mostly in the central business district of Melbourne, which gives the section a more urban and architectural feel, the same aesthetic of Matthias' previous video sections/ the Clip series. His creativity and effortless style is something that can only be gained through years of experience, as Jon Julio once said about Dustin Latimer 'He can make anything look good'. Matthias has been a blessing for the scene here in Melbourne, and a blessing for rollerblading in general. This 'left-over' edit is a collection of clips we filmed that weren't intended for use in his section, you will have to buy the DVD to see what he can really do.

Revolution 90 Seconds: Matthias Ogger

Matthias is a skater who's earned his respect. He's been skating hard for years, and he's paid the price. Ogger is a skater you enjoy being around. He has a fresh attitude, and he always says the funniest thing at the right moment. Matthias has no delusions about skating, he knows what he wants, and skates the way that feels right. His approach to skating reveals what you like best about him – Matthias has a style like no other.

‘Monsters’ by Craig Smith

Craig Smith put out another edit entitled 'Monsters' featuring Matthias Ogger, Cameron Wesson, Tien Nguyen, Jarrod Thackerey, Hayden Golder, Rian Arnold, and Gav Drumm. Filmed by Craig Smith and Jon Jenkins. Enjoy!

Australia Street Edit by KAL CREW

Awesome street edit from Australia, filmed in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney. Featuring some of the best skaters from Down Under such as CJ Wellsmore, Chris Pullar, Danny Jensen, Gavin Drumm, Tom Coley Sowry, Kieran Deans, Matthias Ogger, Josh Nielsen and many more...

WRS ‘Uploaded’: Prelim Round 1

It's on! Prelim Round 1 consists of Dre Powell, Stefan Horngacher, Nils Jansons, Nick Wood, Daniel Prell, Sean Kelso, Jacob Juul and Matthias Ogger. Watch and vote now!

Richie Eisler: Undercover Pro Team

Shenanigans and dope blading: Undercover Pro Team riders Richie Eisler, Oli Benet, Matthias Ogger, Ricardo Lino and friends come to you with a their bathroom? Wait, what was that all about? Well, after a brief sneak peak of the Undercover Cribs episode you get some killer skating, as usual. Be sure to take notes as Richie gives you some handy tips on driving cars. Enjoy!