Martin van Drunen: One Minute One Spot

Martin van Drunen, or you know him from the Rollerdam series (online videos), Conference edits or interviews on Be-mag...i think you'll agree that this guy always comes hard! The only skater I know inside out, but still he always finds a way to make me say WOW! We've skated this rail frequently but never will you see Martin do a trick on a spot he already did. It's hard to be fresh.. but its even harder to stay fresh and thats what martin is all about! My favorite rollerblader!

Competition Report: Get Out The Way Contest in Amsterdam

There was total chaos in Amsterdam when the first 'GET OUT THE WAY' edition went loose. Eighteen teams with thirty-six skaters raced on their bikes from spot to spot throughout the whole city. At each spot they had to finish a certain trick to get as many points as possible. We made an edit from the footage that the competitors sent us to give you a little impression of what went down on the 25th of August.

Cavin Brinkman on his Film ‘The Breakfast Club’ + Official Trailer

'The Breakfast Club' is the newest video project out of the Netherlands, aka Holland, or for some people just Amsterdam! That is precisely where the maker of this project is from. We are speaking of Cavin Brinkmann, supported by his sidekick, the no less infamous dog Bobby! Cavin is the dude that you see dancing in those crazy Dutch edits. Do not get the wrong idea though, Cavin is a guy that puts all his energy into what he does. Living in Amsterdam has not made him a drug addict that would abandon skating for a high – skating and filming skating is his high!

[MAG]: A new online rollerblading magazine from the Netherlands

The idea of a free online magazine came to mind, which we started in January 2010. Holland has had some magazines in the past (I mainly refer to Funbox but there have been others), but not anymore for some years now. There are several nice free online magazines now, but none of them show the real potential of the Dutch rollerblading scene.

[MAG] Magazine Issue #3

Paul Pelle and Ralf van der Kerkhof just released the latest and third issue of the Dutch Rollerblading Magazine, entitled [MAG]. This issue is jam-packed with some nice stories, reviews, pictures and some other great content. Take a peek down here.