Tim Franken: Tri-State Skate 2011

One hour with Tim Franken at OB Skate Park in San Diego, CA. Tim is currently filming a section and will be skating and filming throughout California all month. Stay tuned.

30 Minutes at Long Beach with E-Rod, Rachard Johnson, Tim Franken and Geof Leyva

Waking up after a Thursday night in San Diego is tough to do but Mikey Roman, Tim Franken and I hopped onto “The Beast” early Friday morning and headed to Long Beach. We were on our way to the A Chosen-Few Finals in Los Angeles, which was scheduled for Saturday. So we decided to swag out early and head to Long Beach for the day to meet up with Erick Rodriguez and skate some local spots.

Scribefile: Tim Franken

The New York City scene has recently lost an asset but at the same time the San Diego gained one. Born and raised in Belleville, NJ, Tim Franken has been blading for about eleven years. As a young athlete looking for new opportunities, Franken saw the chance to move out to California with his brother in order to pursue his real passion in life: Rollerblading.

Sam DeAngelis Shoots Tim Franken in Cape Cod

Tim Franken, some friends, and I took a trip up to Cape Cod, Massachusetts for the Memorial Day Weekend. We brought our skates, my Nikon D60, camera equipment, and checked the iPhone on the way for parks or potential skate spots. On a cloudy morning we came across the Chatham Skate Park, next to a small airport, located a mile and a half from our rental house on the tip of Cape Cod. The park was full of unique obstacles and hits for some creative lines…

Black Sheep Blade Tour 2013 in Minnesota, USA

Sam DeAngelis and Dan Fabiano will be on the road with their Black Sheep Blade Tour through Minnesota from May to June having Michael Froemling, Tim Franken, Jon Fromm, Stefan Brandow, Sebatian Michalski, and Eric Miller on board with them!

Sin City Session 2012 Edit by Daniel Scarano

Daniel Scaranos view on the Sin City Session 2012 organized by Chris Calkins. Featuring Chris Calkins, Tony Rivituso, Franky Zhang, Kasra Ghaharian, Aarin Gates, Tim Franken, Joey Jaime, Daniel Rosado, Jeremy Cloe, Russell Day, Chris Napoleon, Chad Hornish, Jon Easy, Tyler Hester, the one and olny R-MONEY$$$, Nacho Romero, Coco Sanchez, Fallon Heffernan, Andrew DiPalo, Anthony Luna, Dre Powell & Derek Stanton.

Competition Report: Bladesgiving 2011

Preparing for months for one of the biggest competitions in Florida, Bladesgiving has turned out to be one of the funnest and biggest rollerblading events in the Southern United States along with the Pow-wow. And we are only in our second year! Skaters gathered from all over the country for a chance to rank up the WRS points and take home some cash and the huge trophy. Tim Franken, out of San Diego, Razors rider Wake Schepman, out of PA, Pro SSM rider Joey Chase and Razors flow Sammy Chase, out of Orlando, just to name a few. Also, coming all the way from Canada was our good friend Kevin Lapierre, who hurt his ankle warming up, and had to drop out of the contest. He made that huge trip, and our sympathies are with him, and we hope he recovers very soon.

Night Sessions #1: Trouble Makers

The days are getting shorter, the nights are becoming longer. ONE Magazine came up with a series of night-edits only. Here is the first of the series, Trouble Makers, featuring Hayden Ball, Tim Franken, Rob Cunningham, Oliver Prado, Adam Bonato and Carlos Jaquez rolling the streets of San Diego.

First Sunday Sessions at Belvedere Skatepark

We had around 80 people at this First Sunday session. Some OG bladers came out for the session like Rachard Johnson and Gonzo as well as a lot of the current killers from SoCal like Russell Day, Anthony Gallegos, Chris Calkins, Tim Franken, Daniel Rosado, Jeremy Soderburg, Steve Cortez and more. We also had people roll up from Santa Barbara and San Diego. A lot of youngsters attended as well. It was an awesome session. First Sunday July 3rd takes place noon till whenever at Paramount Skate Park! -Quinn Feldman