Dave Paine talks selling out, VG history, TJ Webber, Roof Gaps and Battle My Crew

For any new school blader who doesn't know what Videogroove is, prepare to be enlightened. For old school heads who know what's up, you're in for a treat. Be-Mag took some time to connect with one of the founding fathers of aggressive skate videos and talked about a number of things ranging from the current state of blading, VG and the Battle My Crew series. Exclusive to Be-Mag, we're proud to announce that the Battle My Crew format is coming back for 2012. Read on to learn more.

Iain Mcleod interview

Iain McLeod has been around for what seems like forever. The 29-year old ninja from California is still shredding hard and recently received a new pro-skate from Razors. He doesn't plan on stopping any time soon: 'I just still love rollerblading too much to quit'.

Top 5: Victor Arias

Victor Arias is a fun dude to hang out with. In case you didn’t know that already, you should check out this Top5. He just finished filming for...

Mark Wojda interview in Issue 36

Some issues ago we released a special AM issue in which Mark amongst some others has been promoted as one of the upcoming talents in Rollerblading. We decided to feature Mark since he pushed the envelope hard in rolling and definitely deserved the recognition. Looking back on Mark's young skating career there are quite a few milestones to identify: His AM interview in Issue 30, his profile in the ONE-Video and as of lately the first place at the Last Man Standing. It looks like we knew it, Mark would get up on the skate podium since in the current issue we featured Mark again with a big interview. Take a sneak peek at the interview here.