‘Maybe Next Time’ – A Blade Flick by Julian Mire

A skate video with footage from 2011 starring Zach Leavell, Ray Kronenberg and Julian Mire. The video also features Jon Huffaker, Chad Anthony, Jon Heibert, Storm Trogdon, Taylor Popham and the rest of the crew. Edited by Julian Mire with help from Zach Leavell.

Hastily Made – Free Online Video from Tennessee

A short video of skating in Nashville, Tennessee filmed in 2010. The video stars Hunter Harper, Chad Anthony, Julian Mire, Zach leavell, Geo Navarrete, and the rest of the nashville crew. Edited by Julian Mire with help from Cameron Martin and Simon Mire. Filmed by the Cashville crew.

Report: First Annual „Too Cold To Blade Outside“ Competition

Going into this I knew that it was going to be hectic. For years I have been hosting local shows and helping promote parties so as putting it all together and making people want to come would not be a problem. I mean if you think about all I really did was state the obvious. It is the middle of January, of course it is „Too Cold To Blade Outside“.

Southern Scum Montage

Featuring: Casey Wilson (Charlotte, NC)Phillip Moore (Birmingham, AL)Mike Buckalew (Birmingham, AL)Chad Anthony (Nashville, TN)Phil Gripper...