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November 14th, 2009 - by Stuff

Jonas Hansson Interview

Tags: copenhagen, denmark, flygt, interview, jacob juul, jonas hansson, kaare lindberg, knucklehead

Let the record show that I've never interviewed someone before. Let the record also show that I doubt there's a better way to give interviewing a start than with a gentleman from a far away land who is really good at something I'm really bad at.

Let the record show that I've never interviewed someone before. Let the record also show that I doubt there's a better way to give interviewing a start than with a gentleman from a far away land who is really good at something I'm really bad at. The record should also show that after looking over this interview I did, that the interview is super bad ass and includes the following awesome topics: me, board axe fighting techniques, Kaare & Jacob, Valo, magic numbers, Brian Shima, ManCrushes, free full length skate videos, and how to be good at things. Somehow all that has to do with one man. Jonas Hansson.

Jonas Hansson Portrait FLYGT

Q: How does it feel to be the first featured ManCrush on the be-log?

A: It feels like you've done something that people react to in a way they didn't expect to. I was hoping for this to happen, maybe even expecting it... I'm glad to be awarded with a title so strange yet so honest, I mean a "ManCrush" how can you not feel honored by that ;) 

Q: ManCrush was meant to show everyone how awesome you are. Why don't you tell everyone how awesome you are. If you don't respond with 'very', then you are either a liar or modest, and I don't like either of those.

A: I'm very fortunate that people on the opposite side of the globe, people that I've never met or even conversed with - takes it upon themselves to promote my films and my name. This also relieves me of the shameless self-promotion that others feel a need for, a need which I believe is mostly due to insecurity. To answer this very unorthodox question, I am very confident in what I do and the key is I don't try to be awesome at everything. I also owe a big part to the incredible skaters surrounding me. That's three 'very' and three is said to be a magic number.

Q: Are you trying to cast a spell on me, Wizard? Will/When/Is there a Jonas Hansson Skate Edit by Jonas Hansson? Do you skate? How long have you been skating? What kind of skates do you skate? What skates look best on film?

A: Not as of yet, can't say that I've never played with the thought... so one day maybe. I've skated with friends in one form or another for the majority of my life. Sometimes I skate Nimh and sometimes Xsjado. I like skates that reflect the temper of the person wearing them, I think this is one of the reasons that Kaare and Jacob represent their sponsors so well. Shima on Nimh's on film works out pretty good indeed.

Jacob Juul
Q: Describe how you do what you do  so well. You don't have to give away secrets, but maybe how your process works...

A: In short, I force it and I set up principles. This has always been kinda hard for me to put into words, but I recently gave a answer to a very similar question posed by a guy on vimeo - this is what I wrote him: For a long time I was just shooting skating for the fun of it, getting a little better all the time - but what I came to realize later on is that you need to know what you are shooting for  before you go out.. Now I never shoot randomly, I know what I want. I'm not saying you should script rollerblading, but it's a good idea to put stuff into writing and make plans whether it be for a 2 min edit or a full length. Take inspiration from art, music videos ect. and fuck the dogmas of skate videos;) lastly, get as good as you possibly can with your camera, technique might not be the goal, but good craftsmanship is vital in my opinion. So keep working on it, make plans if you want substance - testing is good though. Rollerblading is at it's most beautiful when you combine it with something else. 

Q: I'd say rollerblading is at it's most beautiful when done by a topless girl, but to each his own. Let's talk about your skate video FLYGT. Was it your first full length skate video? How'd it go? Would Do it again?

A: Adapt was my first full length skate video, and in essence FLYGT is its in yin and yang if you will. When making Adapt in 2004 I was a attempting to suit the formula and expectations of the best videos around in that period, and make sections that would fit each of my friends. Shortly after it's completion I decided that I needed to do something very different, in a style that I had never seen before. I spent many hours writing on what I wanted it to be and what I didn't want it to be. This film proved to be harder but more fulfilling than I ever imagined, during the process I was quite down at times, hence the dark vibe at times. FLYGT is the danish word for escape, and that is exactly what I was  trying to do.. escape many of the usuals set upon skate videos, escape reality and freeing my imagination. I really didn't care to much if it would be liked or not, but I wanted to give as many as possible the opportunity to see it. Luckily Michael and Stuff at be-mag agreed to help me get it out to the masses, I didn't earn a dime on it - but it became one of the most widely distributed rollerblading DVD's, which I still think is a pretty good deal for a relatively unknown director at the time.. By definition I could never do that film again, but if you look beyond some of the bleak facades of FLYGT you'll see optimism.. more to come.  

Kaare Lindberg

Q: Oh how you tease us. So with the hype machine constantly building around the Jonas Hansson name, do you feel under pressure? How many companies are approaching you to do their team video? Is it over or under a million?

A: Well, if the wheels are turning and there is such a hype building, then good - I'd like for people to have high expectations for my work, it just shows that I'm on to something. With that said I never want it to become to predictable, best case scenario is turning the audience expectations upside down and have them appreciating it for what ever it might be. I honestly don't see it as a pressure, at least not in the negative sense of the word, but then again I would never publicly claim to do the best whatever...  No major rollerblading company has approached me yet, when you live where I live you often have to do the approaching. I'm always willing to listen to an idea though, but I think much of this industry would have to adjust a bit to how I do films.  

Q: I'm guessing you're from Europe somewhere, but I don't know where. I imagine that it's pretty much like Lord of the Rings, where there's all these different territories and you're battling to save what is good in the world...Is it that cool? (skating wise, life wise)

A: I live in Copenhagen, to those who might not know it's the capital of a country with the mere population of five million. Denmark is really flat, Copenhagen is really cool. We have a good skating scene, from small kids to the best known danish skaters - everybody gets along and lots of the skaters are real close - giving the city a special vibe. I encourage everyone to stop by and bring their blades.
Jonas Hansson


Well Jonas, hopefully one day the world will be ready for your likely take over, but until that time, I will continue to practice my broad axe fighting techniques, while growing out a monstrous beard that I will eventually braid. That has nothing to do with anything, except that I'm caught up on Vikings and Lord of the Rings at the moment.

Let the record show that Jonas Hansson is doing it better than anyone else in the game right now.

-H.S. Knucklehead aka "Bruce"


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Jonas Hansson Interview


Jonas Hansson Interview Jonas Hansson Interview Jonas Hansson Interview Jonas Hansson Interview

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