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June 07th, 2011 - by Monday

A deeper look into the Asian X-Games by Chris van der Merwe from South Africa

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The Asian X-Games is the only X-Games that still hosts rollerblading. Although X-Games is a household known brand-name and people who don’t know much about rollerblading might think it is the biggest competition for rollerbladers out there, it only has a 3-star rating on the WRS scale. That is obviously because of the amount of pro’s participating. It has less pro’s attending but more prize money (up to 10th place). But Asian X-Games is not about the money...

Article by Chris van der Merwe

The Asian X-Games has a limit of 24 skaters and it is not only Asian skaters. So the really cool thing is that skaters from all over the world come together not only to skate but also to hang out. With such limited amount of competitors it makes interaction between the skaters so much more fun. It’s like you are forced to get to know each other better and that is a good thing. Instead of you having to travel to all the different countries in the world to meet other skaters everyone just gets together at the same time at the same place, the Asian X-Games.

If you ever  thought how it works to get into the Asian X-Games, here is the criteria below:

Inline Street at Asian X-Games

A total field of twenty-four (24) Inline Street Athletes: 

  1. Four (4) athletes pre-qualified directly to Final Round 1
  2. Top Three (3) Athletes fromChina
  3. Top Two (2) Athletes from Malaysia
  4. Top Two (2) Athletes from Thailand
  5. Top Two (2) Athletes from Philippines
  6. Top Two (2) Athletes from Singapore
  7. Top Two (2) Athletes from Chinese Taipei
  8. Three (3) “Wildcard” Regional Bladers
  9. Four (4) “Wildcard” International Bladers 

I’ve been to the Asian X-Games for four years in a row. These were my placings: 11th, 10th, 9th and this year 8th. As a South African rollerblader I never thought it would be possible to compete in an ESPN X-Games but I came to learn over the last five years that nothing is impossible walking with God. I hope to go next year to hang out with all the cool people again and skate. Who knows, maybe we as skaters from opposite sides of the world will meet up. 

-Chris van der Merwe

More of Chris on vimeo. Also make sure to check out his Youth Developement Project.



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A deeper look into the Asian X-Games by Chris van der Merwe from South Africa

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A deeper look into the Asian X-Games by Chris van der Merwe from South Africa A deeper look into the Asian X-Games by Chris van der Merwe from South Africa

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June 07th, 2011 @ 16:07 - by Tenisd Tenisd

Cool post, story and video :)
Truly enjojed. Thanks.

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