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April 09th, 2012 - by Monday

Remy Cadier: 35 Years and still Rolling strong!

Tags: ajax fanboy, amsterdam, amsterdamn, axel van dijk, bojd vredevoogd, dennis evers, irie daily, kitty, lomp, nils jansen, not rotterdam, randy abels, remco van der pol, remix uh44, roces, rodolfos, rollerblade, 0, ryan claus

When you speak of rollerblading, Amsterdam, or a combination of both, there is one person and one person only who embodies these exact things, Remy Cadier. I have known him for years now, but I still can't tell you which of his two passions he would choose if he had to, but it might not be his girlfriend. Mr. Cadier turned 35 years of age today. The Ajax fanboy without an Ajax season ticket symbolizes persistence, loving what you do and putting in blood, sweat and tears, something we all know and live as rollerbladers.

Write-up by Ryan Claus
Photography by Bojd Vredevoogd
Edit by Remy Cadier with Axel van Dijk, Remco van der Pol, Dennis Evers & Randy Abels

The founding member of the infamous Dutch rollerblading wolfpack known as UH44 started his inline career in 1994, which means that while most pros today were sucking on their momma’s chest, Remy was doing the same with his first girlfriend. Only two years into the world of rollerblading, which at this time seemed to be taking the world by storm, the Dutch stuntman was quickly adopted by the biggest of skate companies as a professional rider. Over the past sixteen years, Remy has represented for Roces, Rodolfo's, Irie Daily and Rollerblade, among others.

His all-round skills in the half pipe and on the streets were righteously rewarded and hailed by the biggest of companies and fellow pros. Although big brands are nice things to rep, nothing has been more pushed to levels of notoriety by Remy than his crew mentioned above, the UH44. This Amsterdam-posse of absolute nut cases was formed in 1998 by Cadier and long-time roller-in-crime and good friend, Nils Jansen.

The men of UH44 have left their footprints in the rollerblading scene worldwide; guiding Sven Boekhorst from a young pup to one of the world’s greatest rollerbladers, producing arguably the best Dutch inline flick to date, 'LOMP' (2006), and simply ruling the inline scene this side of the equator from the mid ’90s to the end of the last decennia, organizing now historic vert comps, pushing the best edits and making sure the police has a full time job to do.

Remy will be marrying his lovely fiance Kitty shortly, and I think I speak for the entire Dutch scene when I wish him the best of luck and countless happy moments together. Even as a married, thirty-five year old, washed up junkie for hash and beer, I foresee a bigger chance of Remy moving to Rotterdam than putting in less time, effort and love into this passion that we all share. Big up Remy, happy 35th from all Dutch rollerbladers, even from Rotterdam!

-Ryan Claus


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Remy Cadier: 35 Years and still Rolling strong!


Remy Cadier: 35 Years and still Rolling strong! Remy Cadier: 35 Years and still Rolling strong! Remy Cadier: 35 Years and still Rolling strong! Remy Cadier: 35 Years and still Rolling strong! Remy Cadier: 35 Years and still Rolling strong! Remy Cadier: 35 Years and still Rolling strong!

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April 16th, 2012 @ 19:30 - by felix felix

love it! that roll in was fire...getting 35 this year myself makes me love this edit even more

April 10th, 2012 @ 06:23 - by nobody nobody

woooooeeeeehhh! 3:45

April 10th, 2012 @ 05:02 - by

Hell yeah!!!

April 09th, 2012 @ 21:31 - by Ome Les Ome Les

Congrats 2 Remy! Many happy and healthy returns!

Regarding the edit, Daytona500 always reminds me of Josh Petty's part in the Mediaocracy VideoGroove. ;)

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