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May 21st, 2013 - by Thijs

One Minute, One Spot: Alex Cebrian

Tags: alex cebrian, omos, remz, spain, valencia

When I first watched Alex skating, I knew he has something special and I felt that I needed to help him to progress and get all his goals. Now, 4 years later, he's 15 and is the best AM in Spain, and probably one of our most talented skaters in years. So focussed, he is determined to get to the top and I know he's gonna be one of the big names in the future.

One Minute, One Spot: Alex Cebrian from Be-Mag on Vimeo.

Introduction by Jesus "Ferdy" Caravaca
Filmed by Jesus "Ferdy" Caravaca
Edited by Jesus "Ferdy" Caravaca

Name: Alex Cebrian

Age: 15

Hometown: Valencia

Sponsors: Remz Spain & In-Gravity Shop

Current set-up: Remz HRRemz Wheels

Best rolling edit you have seen: David Sizemore for WRS

Bad habit: Biting Nails

Hidden talent you have that no : Cooking Bolognesa Spaghetti

Your mother always said: Be respectful to get the respect from the others.

Skater of the year so far: Sincerely it's a hard decision that I don't want to make.

Favorite food: Chocolate

What's your biggest weakness: My favorite food

Craziest moment in skating: My best moment was last year at the More Fayah Contest here in Valencia after landing a Kind Grind the rail, I will never forget that!

Favourite gadget: My skates

Eye contact AO topsoul


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One Minute, One Spot: Alex Cebrian


One Minute, One Spot: Alex Cebrian

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May 31st, 2013 @ 09:49 - by Anonimo Anonimo

Eye contact?? No me jodas...

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