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October 14th, 2013 - by Monday

Egor Loginov: One Minute One Spot

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Only the word "controversial" came to mind, when I got asked to write the intro for Egor's One Minute One Spot. Humble and loud at the same time, Egor is truly a myth: silent killer at the spot and the most funny person at your local party, he always keeps it easy while still keeping all of his responsibilities in mind. His skating is on point and tells much more than words. Being one of the most active bladers from Motherland, dude is steadily stacking clips. This summer Egor visited China to work as a skater on some extreme show of sorts, performing in front of public three times a day. This little One Minute One Spot edit was filmed in the evening after one of the working days, and as you can see Egor clearly got his ledge game on lock!

Introduction by Boris Gaisner
Edit by Egor Loginov & Catherine Rovner

Name: Egor Loginov

Age: 21

Hometown: Saint Petersburg, Russia

Sponsors: Anteater, Kaltik, Xsjado, Parazita Kusok, Bong HIT, Rollerclub Dist.

Current set-up: Xsjado 2.0, Kaltik Stealth frames grey, Street Artist wheels, black Stockwell footwraps. I prefer a discreet color scheme for my skates, and I think dark colors are looking sick. The Xsjado 2.0s are pretty comfortable, and I also dig the Kaltik frames – great feeling on ledges and rails, plus they are really strong!

Best rolling edit you have seen in 2013 so far: Billy O'Neill SSM 2013 edit is the best I've seen lately! Beautiful editing, wild style from Bill and tons of angry tricks – what can be better?

Hidden talent you have that no one knows about: Actually far from the easiest question. I'm not really sure about my hidden talents, probably except for one: I learned how to fly. Don't drink and drive – smoke weed and fly. Do you know?

Skater of the year so far: In my eyes David Sizemore is the best skater today. His style and technique can't leave you untouched, and in addition he has quite a creative outlook on skating. 

Favorite food: I don't really have a favourite food, but I love it in general. Like many other people, I love sweets. Don't know why, maybe because I'm still a kid in my heart, maybe some other unknown reason, I dunno.

Your biggest weakness: My weakness is weed. Many will understand it, but not everyone. I love how it looks, how it smells, the process of smoking it in different ways, everything. And the smoke makes me calm.

Craziest moment in skating: The International Kartel 2012 Tour was the sickest skating moment I've experienced so far. A week in outstanding skateparks with great people and even greater riders, wicked parties, and in addition a huge contest with unique atmosphere.

Favourite gadget: I basically like products from Apple. And my fav gadget is the iPhone, one of the most functional and stylish gadgets from Apple.

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Egor Loginov: One Minute One Spot


Egor Loginov: One Minute One Spot Egor Loginov: One Minute One Spot Egor Loginov: One Minute One Spot Egor Loginov: One Minute One Spot Egor Loginov: One Minute One Spot

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