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September 18th, 2008 - by mike_currier

Announcement: Barcelona Extreme Sports Festival

Tags: barcelona, barcelona extreme sports festival, spain

Barcelona Extreme Sports Festival is an amazing and huge festival in the most important plaza “El parc Forum” in the Spanish city of Barcelona , that is going to be celebrated the days 11th and 12th of October...

Barcelona Extreme Sports Festival is an amazing and huge festival in the most important plaza “El parc Forum” in the Spanish city of Barcelona , that is going to be celebrated the days 11th and 12th of October.

The Barcelona Extreme Sports is an action sports and music festival, that expects to have 25000-35000 people assisting, created by the company of marketing & sports, Seven.

During this event, cover through all different European media, we’re going to have music shows, action sports demos, clinics, where everybody can participate, and vert /skatepark competitions of the follows action sports: Inline, Bmx, Skateboard, Wakeboard, Fmx and Jibbing (ski and snowboard)

Inline is going to be a big part of this great festival; we’re going to have an AIL Advance and a Pro contest. The A.I.L.Advance contest is going to be a great opportunity for the top 5 athletes to qualify for the pro contest where they are going to compete for 3000 euros prize money against the best Rollerbladers in world!!!! Also all the competitors for the Advance contest automatically will be allow to participate in the AIL finals 2009 in EEUU

The pro contest is going to have a huge part on this amazing festival and it will be a great event to show hundred of peoples our sport and the high calibre athletes to the world. We have riders confirmed as Erik Bailey, Miguel A. Ramos, Jojo Jacobi, Andreas Wagenblast, Ivan Malvido, Yuri Bothelo and more…

Attention!!! If we get enough competitors we will have a vert contest too, the prize money for this category is 1000 Euros!

Come and be part of this awesome event!! Feel free to contact us for any questions and registration: [email protected]

Visit the web also: and the Myspace where you can find info about accommodation, format contest, transportation…


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Announcement: Barcelona Extreme Sports Festival


Announcement: Barcelona Extreme Sports Festival Announcement: Barcelona Extreme Sports Festival

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September 19th, 2008 @ 19:20 - by usc roll usc roll

its gonne be fun!!!!!!!!!!!! seeyou there

September 19th, 2008 @ 08:54 - by vibralux99 vibralux99

gooooo crissy!!!

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