Write-up & photos by Isaac Larios
Edit by Preston Richardson 

I was on a mission to get there so after a few phone calls and text messages, I quickly assembled a road crew of 3, and off we were to embark on one of the years biggest rollerblading events. I was impressed to see some of the worlds best am skaters in attendance. Athletes traveled from Japan, the UK, and all from over the USA. There were 150 plus amateur competitors with over 60 amateur athletes competing in the advanced division in hopes of landing in the top 10. The top 10 would qualify for the AIL Elite division in which $1,000 was being awarded by Intuition skate shop. Congratulations to those who ranked top 3 in the Elite/Pro division!

-Isaac Larios

Competition Results:


  1. Danielle Montgomery
  2. Jamie Whelan
  3. Mason Sieber

10 – 15 Intermediate

  1. Julian Budge
  2. Ethan Quinn
  3. Austin Montgomery

10 – 15 Advanced

  1. Jo Jo Velasquez
  2. Parker Richardson
  3. Troy Porretta

16 & up Intermediate

  1. Nahan Genda
  2. Nicholas Cantreras
  3. Robert Rohlf

16 & up Advanced – turning AIL Elite

  1. Brett Urbas
  2. Kazuho Kumazawa
  3. Daniel Gorman
  4. Rick Rodriguez
  5. Tony Rivituso
  6. Damon Franklin
  7. Chris Calkins
  8. Carson Starnes
  9. Chad Tannerhill
  10. Chris Napoleon


  1. Hiroshi Minami
  2. David Jones
  3. Bradon Davis


  1. Aarin Gates – $100
  2. Fallon Heffernan
  3. Rosie O’Donaghue

AIL/Intuition Elite

  1. Chris Haffey $1,000
  2. Dave Lang – $100
  3. John Vossoughi – $100



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