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Camera by Jordan Williams
Track: Dumbfoundead – Raise The Bar

Name: Michael Obedoza

Age: 28

Hometown: Carson, California

Sponsors: Xsjado, Youth, Them Goods.

Current set-up: Xsjado 2.0. Adidas Blue/Grey shoes. White Laces. White Farmer Youth Frames. Themgoods Beanie. Black pants. Grey Black Fabric T-shirt. Tall. Dark. and Handsome.

Best rolling edits you have seen in 2012 so far: Sizemore WRS and Fishguys II

Bad habit: Wiping my nose on my sleeves.

Hidden talent you have that no one knows about: I can grow facial hair, mustache with the beard!

Your mother always said: Putanginamo in Tagalog.

Skater of the year so far: Kevin Yee.

Favorite food: Filipino-Mexican

What’s your biggest weakness: Nice hips. knee highs. cute feet. Preferably latin or asian-white mix cutie with a nice booty.

Craziest moment in blading: Erik Burke backside roof grind.

Favourite gadget: Herb grinder.

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