Edwin ‘from Hell’ Wieringh shredding Area51

Here you can see one of Amsterdam's finest rollers, Edwin Wieringh, shredding the Area51 skatepark in Eindhoven with some good friends. Even though Edwin has to work a lot, he always tries to skate as much as...

The Remz Flow Riders at the BCSD 2010

Remz' finest flow riders from North America delivered some great action on the BCSD-court in Detroit during a Pre-Session. One thing here is clear: After watching this edit, you really want to skate that park...

BCSD Tradeshow Photos

Ryan Loewy just got through several hundred photos to bring you this tradeshow set; enjoy! Images from the pro finals coming soon!

Valo pre-sesh at BCSD

The Valo team came together for a sweet pre-sesh at the BCSD playground. Click on the video below to see Valo's finest riders including Soichiro Kanashima, Victor Arias, Austin Paz, Brandon Smith and Jon...

HAFFEY Takes Bitter Cold Showdown X!

Chris Haffey has won the 10th Bitter Cold Showdown! ***Results: 1.) Haffey, 2.) Bolino, 3.) Aragon, 4.) Broskow, 5.) Soichiro*** The level of rolling tonight was absolutely unbelievable! All of us said that this year's Winterclash set a new bar? Bitter Cold met it with no problem... amazing! 2010 is a bright year for rollerblading!

BCSD Photo Update 5 – Friday Night Qualifiers

The part about updating from an event like this that people don't see is the hours of monotonous work - like Kris Troyer sorting through the hundreds of photos he took last night for the BCSD Qualifiers. But, hey, there are much worse gigs in life... Enjoy!

Vibralux-team at the BCSD

The Vibralux-team represent at this year's BCSD. Adam just put together a sweet edit showing his riders in the BCSD-park and also announcing special deals for those who can't make it to the BCSD X this year....

The Faces of BCSD

Everyone's here at BCSD! Ok, everyone except the European guys whose flights got cancelled because NYC shut down in a snowstorm... But almost everyone is here and Drew Humphrey shot a great serious of random "hello's" from some of rolling's finest!

Mark Korte – Bitter Cold Showdown Interview

One of the great things about a major competition/tradeshow like Bitter Cold is that everyone is here! Pretty much every pro, up-and-coming am, and industry head is in attendance. Mark Korte, who runs things over at Powerslide and the Conference, was kind enough to sit down for a few minutes and share his thoughts on the USD All-Star Team, skate technology, and a few other topics...