Roskilde 2013 – Chapter 7 – Counting Days

243 days can feel like a really long time. Today, as we take a moment to look back and reflect on this year’s festival in Roskilde, my mind can’t help but wander all the way to 2014, looking forward to join the event again for what might very well be the best week of the year.

Competition Report: A.L.N.I.S 2013

A.L.N.I.S is over and it was AMAZING! What is A.L.N.I.S? It’s the most awesome day in the year for bladers in Latvia. Everyone meets and makes the most amazing vibe around. If you come to A.L.N.I.S you can see what the Latvian rollerblading scene looks like. This is the once a year event where everyone just shows up. You might see old bladers you haven’t seen in years and you will definitely see new faces you have never seen before. This was 6th year for annual A.L.N.I.S and every year it just gets better and better.

Competition Report: Rzeszow Concrete Madness 2013, Polish Rolling League Finals

Rzeszow Concrete Madness was the final event of the Polish Rolling League 2013 series, held in one of the biggest outdoor skatepark in Polands federal state Podkarpackie. The Polish Rolling League series included 15 contests throughout the year. After 10 months of competitions the best bladers from all over the country plus some international guests came to Rzeszow to "finish the job"...

A-Town Stomp Fourplay: A Southern Thang

There’s a few things you can expect when attending a Stomp: Southern hospitality, Southern blading, Southern cooking, Southern gals, Southern pals, Southern partying and Downright grimy Southern spots. This year's A-Town Stomp was no exception, it's a Southern thang.

Competition Report: PTG All Day 2013

The Polish Rolling League 2013 is coming close to its end. PTG All Day 2013 was the last event before the grand finals in Rzeszow. So it was really the last chance to gain some points for the ranking, considering the PTG All Day was a 4-star event (each event in Polish Rolling League has a rank of 1-5 stars), knowing that more than 50 contestants were divided into three categories, Juniors, Seniors and Masters!

Real Street Amsterdam 2013 – Back in the game

After several months of preparation, the Real Street Amsterdam went down on the 31st of August. With riders from the Netherlands, Germany, France, Denmark, Belgium and the United Kingdom the turn up was great, and so was the level. After a warm-up session at one of the newest curbs in the city, the group of over 70 bladers moved on to the nearby flatrail to continue the session.

Real Street Amsterdam 2013

The first thing that comes to mind when most bladers think about Amsterdam is the IMYTA. It's been seven years since the last event, and after months of preparation the streets of the Dutch city will once again be the stage for a Real Street Amsterdam. With confirmed riders such as Jacob Juul, Tyron Ballantine and Daniel Prell, all new spots and a great team of judges the contest is a must-go for Europe's bladers!

Competition Report: Street Fest Szczecin 2013

Street Fest is the first huge rollerblading competition in Szczecin and in the West Pomeranian region. During these three days in August Szczecin turned into a rollerblading capital. From 8 th to 10 th of August riders were skating on various urban spots.

The Popularity Contest 2013

To mark the tenth annual Popularity Contest, we got in touch with Travis Nabe, one of the organisers, to find out what's up with this year's event - what to expect if you're going and why you should be sad if you're not!

Shred Cologne 2013: An Interview with Event Organizer Marco Sichau

A little over two weeks from now, the highly anticipated Shred Cologne 2013 will go down at the Abenteuerhalle Köln Kalk in Cologne, Germany. While the hot phase of the preparations has just started for the Shred Team and the riders list is ever growing, we asked Be-Mag correspondent Seán Ó Dálaigh to find out what the competition will be all about this year!

Competition Report: East Side Jam 2013

"That little p-rail in the tunnel. Bladers from all over the country will really have to skate it?" is what I was thinking on June 1st, 2013. We've had problems with weather during previous editions of East Side Jam, but this time it was literally pouring at noon, just when the competition was set to begin. After cancelling the contest we decided to do a little jam at our only spot with a roof above our heads. Fortunately, after some time spots have mostly dried up, and the p-rail became just the first spot of the competition!