Rolling Artist: Ble3k aka Dominic Sagona

Creativity is a big part of our sport and a persons ability to reinvent their skating at every new spot they come to is held in high regards. With our new category "Rolling Artist", Be-Mag tries to shed light onto the various forms skaters express their creativity in other areas than skating. Dominic Sagona found some time to talk about his passion for Drum 'n' Bass with us while he stayed in Spain at Powerhouse.

Sven Boekhorst Interview on Rollerblade Website

Quoting the Rollerblade magazine: 'Sven Boekhorst is just brilliant. He’s on the skating scene for almost 15 years and he won everything. Moreover, Sven is able to compete in three different disciplines: the half pipe, the mini ramp and the park. He just skates everything!'

Revolution “On The Spot” with Mattieu Ledoux

Mathieu Ledoux is an amazing skater, a good friend, and an inspiration. He chooses to not be in the spotlight, but we really wanted to share some insight into who Mathieu Ledoux is, and what makes Mathieu Ledoux so unique on and off the blades.

Jake Eley Interview on Kingdom Mag

Quick interview with Jake in which he talks about his plans with the LocoSkates LoveScotland Tour which will take place this April. Be-Mag will host daily live-updates of this tour so stay tuned for some sweet coverage!

The Bulldog Interview on DEATHSTORIES

Brandon talks about blading, cars, motorcylces, drinking and punk rock. So this interview pretty much covers everything of importance to grown men. Check out the rest of the DEATHSTORIES blog while you’re at it.

Jonas Hannsson Interview on RAD

Jonas Hannsson (director of Flygt) talks about his upcoming film „Traitmenent“ on RAD. He also names a release date, which should be of interest for anyone. Talented guy, check the interview!