Olav Norheim: One Minute One Spot

We were in NYC for almost two weeks this summer. We had seen this spot with the grindbox that the local skaters had built and decided to check it out, and make Olav’s edit for a "One Minute One Spot" right here. That's how Norwegians explore a country on rollerblades.

YOU Convention 2010 report: Showtime with Sven Boekhorst, Avella Anthony, Dominik Wagner and more

When it comes to organizing some of blading's major events such as the 'European Half Pipe Championships, the Grindhouse Spine Masters, Winterclash, BCSD, or the Real Street comps there is a lot that goes on behind the scene to attribute to the comps success. There are always devoted people behind each event who work their asses off in order to keep the sport alive and bring in support year after year. These unnoticed heroes do it without any personal gain. Sometimes they even invest their own money simply for the audience, the industry, and the love of the sport.

Bart Laubsch: One Minute One Spot

Berlin is huge and it seems there are spots everywhere, but only a few are cool for chill sessions and not only for shooting. One of them is this curb spot which just invites people to enjoy some long lines. Time to test this one… Berlins “super local” Bart Laubsch is skating since forever and even though it becomes silent around him once in a while he is still ripping it. If he feels like, he just pops out of nowhere and surprises the crowd as well as himself with new tricks or just impresses with his unique style and way of control. Time to give Germany's former “PIT Champion” a “One Minute One Spot”!

Brian Weis: One Minute One Spot

This spot is a old school spot in Kalamazoo, MI. Since it hasn't been skated in a while, maintenance on the spot has been very minimal. This meant tons of cracks, a couple over grown bushes, and some bees nest. The bees were chasing Brian after every trick on the first out ledge, and the bush wasn't very forgiving either, but it was still a fun session. Thats how Brian is, loves to have Blade and have fun. He's also a pretty sarcastic, quick witted guy. Any late night chillin with the homies can turn into improve stand up. He'll have ya laughing till you can't breathe, and have to run out of the room to save your own life. The dudes cool to kick it with, and tons of fun to session with. Check it out...

Martin van Drunen: One Minute One Spot

Martin van Drunen, or you know him from the Rollerdam series (online videos), Conference edits or interviews on Be-mag...i think you'll agree that this guy always comes hard! The only skater I know inside out, but still he always finds a way to make me say WOW! We've skated this rail frequently but never will you see Martin do a trick on a spot he already did. It's hard to be fresh.. but its even harder to stay fresh and thats what martin is all about! My favorite rollerblader!

I-Punkt Skatehall summer festival

Believe it or not, the Thomas I-Punkt Skateland just had its 20th anniversary! Oh, you never heard of the "I-Punkt Halle" in Hamburg? Well, besides hosting the annual German Inline Championships – the original X-Mas Jam – it's home to everyone rolling in North Germany and especially for people from Hamburg. And you bet, there's a need for indoor skateparks around here, since there is an average of 140 rainy days each year. This indoor skatepark has a story that is even older than Rollerblading as we know it.

Keith Mew: One Minute One Spot

This spot is a school well known to most local skaters, its on 17th and Windsor in the heart of the city. There has been some recent pressure washing off wax activity here which may lead to capping, so I thought I should get some clips before the school becomes unskateable. This place is like a little skatepark, there are tons of ledges, some decent lines, weird shit in the front, and a guardrail that we cut the middle support of to skate the rail. This was shot on Sunday August 22, 2010 on a cloudy and sunny day in the always beautiful city of Vancouver.

Jeremy Suarez Interview

Jeremy Suarez is a Belgium hero, he is warm and caring, always smiling and joking around…he is a proper entertainer and a significant part of the Forward Freestyle Family. When it comes to skating, he’s the kind of skater that clearly does it with the love. Creative and powerful, you can see him blast a park course with the craziest lines and you’ll never know what to expect next, but you can be certain that it will be insane. Switch and natural is out of the picture for him and his progress is constant. He is an amazing skater to watch and if you ever skate with him, you know you’re going to have a good time.

- Jeremy Kesler

Guillaume Le Gentil: 1 Minute, 1 Spot

Guillaume Le Gentil , what’s in a name. This guy is not only named ‘ nice’ in French , he brings a more than nice bag of tricks to the table. Skating fast is the main ingredient. We filmed his ‘ One Minute...’ in about 30-35 minutes , on one of Amsterdams slipperiest curbs , in Osdorp. And besides handeling his business nicely he’s a pretty nice guy too.

Steve Steinmetz: One Minute One Spot

Even though I had lived in Solana beach, the first year I moved to San Diego back in 2003 I never knew about this school. I found this school just a few weeks ago and just started messing around on the ledge to see what I could do. Then I started looking at other aspects of the spot like the huge roots coming out of the ground in the center of the planter and the side ledge. The rails at the entrance of the school did not have much runway but they were still skate able too. I had my tricks all planned out and wanted to start filming the next day.

Re: Mind the Gap 2010

The Mind the Gap finals 2010 had to be cancelled due to bad weather conditions. But Mind the Gap wouldn't be an extraordinary contest format if there wouldn't be a back-up plan. Plan your trip for the Re: Mind the Gap 2010. Read on!

Daniel Prell: One Minute One Spot

Lately Ive been skating a lot with my homies Chris & Dome. We decided to raise some money to buy a generator to be able to skate some nice night sessions. When Be-mag asked me to come up with an "One Minute One Spot"-edit we already filmed how we bought our baby so we came up with the idea to make the one minute one spot our first generator edit.