SDSF Open 2010: Live Update #3

We're back again, as usual, with some more photos from this year's SDSF Open, with photos of the Qualifiers and Warm ups. Keep checking in for more updates! Photos by Ryan Loewy.

SDSF Open 2010: Live Update #1

We're here at the SDSF Open covering all that is to go down. We were able to meet up with Geoff Acers and ask him a few questions about the SDSF shop as well as the Open and how it came to fruition. Photos by...

Nick Wood, Damien Wilson, Joey Chase and more: One Minute, One Spot

Three years ago, us boys in Santee got pissed that all the good rails around here were capped, and we sucked at hand rails, so we asked our sponsors to help us build a training ground. 4X4, M1, and Remz contributed to us along with our own money to build a practice rail in Damien's yard. Since then we've been having regular legendary BBQ's and sessions like this one shown were we skate the rail and have good ole American fun. This weekend Damien, Rob, Joey and Sammy Chase and me (Nick Wood) got down like we always do all summer long. When I started seeing the "One Minute One Spot" edits I thought that our weekly BBQ's were perfect for that forum. If the Internet homo's want to bust my ball's about doing a Two minute edit they can do the math and see there is 58 seconds of skating, so suck it from Santee.

Giorgio Oehlers: One Minute, One Spot

Giorgio Oehlers, no new kid anymore, but a respected name in the scene. Winner of the Winterclash Amateurs in 2008 and the man behind the Rollerdam Vol.1 & Vol.2 series (online movies) where he has, in both, an amazing profile. Giorgio is also a guy who you'll never see practising, he tries the trick once and laces it first try like if he is being doing the moves for years already. Check out this 'one minute one spot' on a rail in Sliedrecht (the Netherlands) where he simply kills it. I don't know that many people who can skate a rail like that and don't even fall one time the whole session!

FISE 2010 Photo Roundup

After spending 3 days in Montpellier shooting at one of the best events in Europe, FISE. I have just found some extra photos which can be considered as left-overs.

David Sizemore: One Minute, One Spot

There are lots of people who have different names for this spot: The Black Hole, Day Waster, Day Ender... The list goes on. But to everyone who has been there, and lots that haven't, will forever know this place as Summerhour. This is a legendary spot in Norcross Georgia that has been in rollerblading videos for the last nine years. Just recently I heard that the school is under new ownership, and unlike the last, they don't like us being there. So, obviously, the rumor is that the whole place is going to get capped. When be-mag contacted me to do this edit, I knew I wanted to have at least one more good session there anyways before the massacre is to happen, so I thought it would be perfect. Thanks go out to Dustin Spengler for filming the whole thing and be-mag for asking me!

High In The Park 2010 Bulle (saturday): Part 3. After Party!!!

Hello! well....some of us are back from the afterparty, and yeah, let's just say there are still a lot of people listening to DJ Das's Set! Oli Benet opened up with some sick drum & bass, and even though he had to be driven to the hospital, he still managed to warm the dancefloor up for the club. FingaIndaNose followed Oli with some hardcore electro and Dub Step. And finally, Stephan De Freitas, Killing it again, but this time not on a skatepark, not on a dancefloor...but on the bloody stage! Everybody went Mental, within 10minutes into his set, he got the whole club down on the floor, had security asking him to turn the music down, and the rest of us was just on stage with him and bouncing to the crazy sound of drum&bass! I don't know how Stephan's does it, but he sure can make the crowd go wild!

High In The Park 2010 Bulle (Saturday): Part 2. Best Trick & Rain

Hello boys and girls! So the rain stopped just in time for the Best Trick Contest...but wait, the best trick wasn't part of the WRS was actually a contest to see how good skaters could skate after drinking for half of the day in the rain. So they were giving out "free drinks" coupons to skaters that either cleared the long railbox or laced a sick trick. After they were done with giving away free drinks, the stakes stepped it up to a Magnum of Vodka!