Checking in with Robert Guerrero

Rollerblade's posterboy Robert Guerrero will get his own Rollerblade Pro Skate. On November 4th there will be a Skate release party in NYC. Time to ask Rob a few questions about his current status and his new PRO skate. Read on.


In the past few days, people from all over the world got into town to attend the last major WRS event before the championship finals this next week-end in Rye, New Hampshire, will take place. Driving,...

Pascal Tan – One Minute One Spot

If you've ever skated in Amsterdam you have probably met Pascal. He's been one of the key elements in the cities inline community for a few years now, recently he has been stepping his game up by joining the Razors Flow team.

Albert Hooi: 1 Minute 1 Spot

Albert Hooi has been on USD since time began. Something about his silent assassin style makes him one of the most exclusive characters in rollerblading, and someone we are proud to have on the team. Albert’s technical skating is nothing short of mind-blowing, and watching him skate, effortlessly gliding over all obstacles almost, puts you in a state of trance.

Logan Clark: One Minute One Spot

Some call him Iowa’s golden boy. Some call him Log Cabin. I know him simply as Logan, a rollerblader in every sense and a prospect we should all pay attention to. Logan Clark of Des Moines is a normal kid, until he puts some Remz on his feet. Then, he becomes something much more than that: A ripper, a blading ambassador, and a smiling maniac. Logan rarely is found without a smile on his face, and even more rarely spotted without his blades on his feet. I’ve grown to respect Logan for these reasons and more. Logan is a big part of the Iowa scene, always making people want to strap up and shred. I’ve said it before that his attitude is infectious and I’ll say it again. He never stops skating. I’m sure you’ll be seeing his motivation in person at a comp near you very soon. And if not, you can always catch him somewhere on the streets of Iowa doing what he does best.

Yuto Goto: One Minute One Spot

Back in the day there was Japan's posterboy Chiaki Ito appearing on all the major contests (XGames, ASA etc.) worldwide. Today there are some new faces and talents stepping up the game and drawing a lot more attention to Japan from the rest of the rolling world again. We approached Yuto (one of the new talents) two weeks ago and received this edit almost 24 hours later. This guy not only impressed us with his dedication, but more with his solid skating talent that you can see in this edit. When he answered the questions that we sent him there was one answer that made us smile. His favorite skater from back in the day is Alex Broskow (and not for example Chiaki Ito). Yuto seems to be just too new-school to know any of the legendary skaters. But seeing his One Minute One Spot there is no sign of being new school anymore...he already seems to be conscience-proof and talented like the older guys.

Jamie Stenner: One Minute One Spot

"After winning the 10 trick liner competition Michael asked me to do a "one minute - one spot" edit for the Be-Mag site, getting a good camera man ain't easy when you need one due to every one's work schedules - however, Kola came through for me, so me and my wife picked him and Welland up one Monday and hit up Henfeild on the way to Eastbourne's new park. It was a rare hot day and the park was empty so we got straight to it. I'm always nervous when filming as I don't do it on the regular and I know Kola gets down with all the dowgs... It came out all cool, hope you like it - enjoy!"

Announcement: Victorian Inline Titles 2010 on October 23rd

This years Victorian Inline Titles is back from the country skatepark of Ballarat and into the big smoke of Melbourne, Australia. Riverslide or 'City Park' which has hosted previous Australian titles events, which has seen the likes of Chris Haffey and Brian Aragon win crowns, is the chosen venue. To freshen up the park a bit event organizers have decided to build a few new obstacles including the massive 5.2m x 1.1m sub box which you can see on the flyer and in the promo edit...

Olav Norheim: One Minute One Spot

We were in NYC for almost two weeks this summer. We had seen this spot with the grindbox that the local skaters had built and decided to check it out, and make Olav’s edit for a "One Minute One Spot" right here. That's how Norwegians explore a country on rollerblades.

YOU Convention 2010 report: Showtime with Sven Boekhorst, Avella Anthony, Dominik Wagner and more

When it comes to organizing some of blading's major events such as the 'European Half Pipe Championships, the Grindhouse Spine Masters, Winterclash, BCSD, or the Real Street comps there is a lot that goes on behind the scene to attribute to the comps success. There are always devoted people behind each event who work their asses off in order to keep the sport alive and bring in support year after year. These unnoticed heroes do it without any personal gain. Sometimes they even invest their own money simply for the audience, the industry, and the love of the sport.

Bart Laubsch: One Minute One Spot

Berlin is huge and it seems there are spots everywhere, but only a few are cool for chill sessions and not only for shooting. One of them is this curb spot which just invites people to enjoy some long lines. Time to test this one… Berlins “super local” Bart Laubsch is skating since forever and even though it becomes silent around him once in a while he is still ripping it. If he feels like, he just pops out of nowhere and surprises the crowd as well as himself with new tricks or just impresses with his unique style and way of control. Time to give Germany's former “PIT Champion” a “One Minute One Spot”!

Brian Weis: One Minute One Spot

This spot is a old school spot in Kalamazoo, MI. Since it hasn't been skated in a while, maintenance on the spot has been very minimal. This meant tons of cracks, a couple over grown bushes, and some bees nest. The bees were chasing Brian after every trick on the first out ledge, and the bush wasn't very forgiving either, but it was still a fun session. Thats how Brian is, loves to have Blade and have fun. He's also a pretty sarcastic, quick witted guy. Any late night chillin with the homies can turn into improve stand up. He'll have ya laughing till you can't breathe, and have to run out of the room to save your own life. The dudes cool to kick it with, and tons of fun to session with. Check it out...