Vibralux Tour Update Day 21

The day started out pretty normal as far as the tours gone.  Lag, coffee, lag, trick, kicked out by a security guard, indecision, and then it got really bad ass.  The Farmer’s always throw a...

Vibralux Tour Update Day 20

Yesterday didn’t go better any better then the day before.  Yesterday went worse, quite a bit worse.  Got an early start, stopped by a coffee shop and a bagel shop.  Our first spot got...

Old school legend Tim Ward interviews Kato Mateu

You remember Tim Ward from Back in the day? He seems to be back skating and shredding more again. Above that, he started a new website,, which is an Australian Rollerblading Community site. Some weeks ago Tim talked to his old friend Kato Mateu (Remz founder). Check out what they have been talking about. This is a great read.

Haffey in Montreal: Veni, vidi, vici

Haffey who just got back from Australia headed to Quebec for the Montreal Classic. Quoting Guillaume Latrompette from Montreal (the editor): "He skated that park like no one else before him, lacing tricks that has never been laced in that park! It was a pleasure to see him skating!". Check out this first Remz edit of the Montreal Classic madness. The edit not only features Chris Haffey, but also some other Remz rippers as well as an old school legend that obviously started skating again, the famous Nicky Adams! Edit by Guillaume Latrompette

Jug Argyle 2 Liner Press Release

The Jug Argyle 2 liner is a sequel of the popular Argyle 1 liner. It comes with exchangeable tongue badges to match the liner to the color of your set up. A silicon grip pattern on the back of the liner sticks...

Derek Henderson – DB Photo Set

Check out this little feature with Derek Henderson. Derek killed his ankle while shooting for a Be-mag Print feature but he's back on skates now and recovering fast as it seems.

Hedonskate Sweden Tour

This summer Hedonskate is touring Sweden for 2 weeks. The polish connection gets some famous support, namely Billy O'Neill and Demetrios George.