Mike “Murda” Johnson just quit skating…

... professionally. Yes, you got it right, Mike recently decided to relinquish all of his sponsors in order to focus on his career as a 3D artist and start to skate for the fun of it again. Head over to our msgboard to find out more.

Only 9 Days Left

What do you expect? New distribution company? New boot company? Skins over hardboots or carbon? Carbon skins maybe? Leave a comment!

Important WInterclash News

As you might know, the Winterclash is sold out and people all around the world are asking for more tickets. The Winterclash Team just put up a note about this situation on their website. Read it below.

James Keyte now on USD UK

Quick edit of what went down in a 2 hour session after night shift, with The Conference UKs newest rider James Keyte. Some ill tricks combined with ultra fast skating, check it out!

Akright Apparel

A new Rollerblading company from Seattle was launched by local skater Michol Franklin. Have a look at their website. We are looking forward to their 2011 push.

Razors welcomes Jeph Howard to the AM Team

Jeph's been cutting up the streets with his Razor blades for a long time now, floating in that grey area, caught between flow and Am. His dedication to his craft and his addictive personality are easily his best attributes. He shows no signs of stopping, skating everyday, finding new and interesting spots in the name of keeping it fresh. Keep an eye out for Mr. Howard in 2011, it promises to be a big year.