Victorian Inline Titles 2010: Live-update #1

Welcome the Victoria Inline titles 2010. We're here early at the park and it's pouring rain. Forecast is for it clear up by lunchtime so the comp still should be going ahead as planned. Check the photo...

Chile Scene report: Understanding Chile’s cultural diversity makes you understand its skaters

The South American scene has been growing and developing at a very fast pace within the last 4 years, our country is not the exception. We wanted to unify all these aspects in this scene report, in order to showcase all of those who had been true to what we now call freestyle rolling in several cities from our long and narrow country located at the south end of this world.

RollToronto vert wednesdays

The RollToronto gang hitting the vert ramp, normally a wednesday night thing. Dave Ghent and Darren Potts tried out the Hero Cam with a bunch of different shots, check it out. The RollToronto guys also...

Up and comers: Camill von Egloffstein

I remember commenting his first handrail grinds, when he was still one foot smaller than me. That's hardly a few years ago. Today he's a rolling entertainer! So I still love to comment on him, even though I have to be aware, with him being more than one foot taller than me, right now. He made his way as one of the youngest of the Munich rollerbladers from the early 00s, to become the Munich answer to Tory Treseder, somehow. Whether T-Rex or not, I have to admit that he is doing his thing. Being a reliable down to earth friend, who is loving life and rolling for life.

Kareem Shehab Issue 36 Online Supplement

When Be-Mag first approached me about doing an interview I was super stoked on the opportunity. I've been a reader since issue 1 and own a copy of every issue. I am both humbled and honored to grace the pages of this fine magazine with an interview.

Brian Aragon, Dre Powell in Chile: first stop of the Razors South America tour

In the rolling world there is a lot of hype on the South America scenes recently. And that's simply justified. The scene below the equator is ripe and thriving right now. Earlier this year we featured the NIMH South America tour through Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru here on be-mag. Now Razors adventures the trip to South America as well. With their first tour stops in Chile they turned a whole national rolling community inside out. Make sure you check out this tour stop and you can already look forward to some more coverage (soon on be-mag exclusively) from this country which ranges over 39 lines of latitude from the North to the South. Thanks to William Lobos and his friends for all the work they put into this update. This update not only features the beauty of our sport, it features the beautiful things that comes with rollerblading: intercultural friendships, memories and experience.

Revelation Cup – Skatelounge Giessen

Here is the official edit of the Revelation Cup in Giessen / Germany.   Results: PRO: 1. Platz: Mathias Silhan (FR) + Best Trick 2. Platz: Dominik Wagner 3. Platz: Johannes Jacobi 4. Platz: Eugen...