A graphic goes through many stages before it ends up on a shirt or hoodie. Typically the design will be modified and refined all along the way until it makes it onto the garment in its final, most polished form. Arlo walks you through the process of getting a design finalised on his blog site.

Razors G7.2 YELLOW Edition – Out Now!

RAZORS is introducing a very limited edition the G7.2 skate with yellow accent colors. It comes with all the great features of the G7.2 including the perfectly pre-grooved backslide plate and aligned frame groove. The skate does not require any break-in time and is ready to skate out of the box.

Available Now: USD Carbon II White

If you’re looking to compare the Carbon 2s to a product from outside the industry, the white iPhone 4 is a worthy object of comparison. Both are beautiful and technically advanced to their contenders. The main difference is that – other than the damn phone – the white Carbon 2s are now available worldwide!

„Charging“ to be premiered at BCSD XI

„Charging“, the highly anticipated Vibralux video will be premiered at the Main Art Theatre in Royal Oak, Michigan at midnight following the contest and tradeshow of BCSD 2011. Watch out for a trailer to be released on Friday.

Abstract Art II available now!

The new video of Andrew Kazlauskas, Abstract Art II, is available now. Check out the trailer once more and have a look at both Michael Froemlings and Eddie Dombrowskis throwaways. You shall then order the video at your favorite skate shop.

Valo light at BCSD

We thought this might be of interest for some of you, if not most. Have a look at the advert and tell us what you think in the comments, please. Will this be a big hit for Valo? Will Valo light be a lower end model or a mold for pro boots only? New soulplates? New materials for the shells? What do you expect?

USD Carbon 2 White Press Release

The Carbon 2 White is back in stock so we present it to you for the first time in its own press release as well as some tantalising new setups from the hands of Kenneth Dedeu. Check out the article on The Conference's blog!

Nils Jansons – Remz OS 4 Blue Edition

Nils Jansons testing the new Remz OS 4. With this new edition of the skate, the designers at Remz managed to lower the admissible working temperature of the OS boots once more. Makes for a perfect winter set-up.

ACHOSEN-FEW.COM – Best of Volume 1

This DVD is a compilation of ACHOSEN-FEW.COM's best videos over the last year. Including the pay per view videos as well as a new, never before seen montage. Nearly 90 minutes of the best skating around!

New Scribe Bearings released

Oldschool company Scribe released some pretty good wheels last year. Now they're making bearings, too. Go cop a set, they're said to be fast and long lasting! These will be available soon at all major skateshops.