Daniel Gomez (Chino) winning the Roll’s Rail Contest

Last weekend the Roll's Rail Contest took place within the FISE Skate Event. Some of the world's best street skaters joined this side event (supported by Roll's Magazine) of the FISE. A massive crowd gathered around this steep rail to cheer for the riders. Spanish torrero Chino laced some serious tricks on the rail! View it here on be-mag.

New German Rollerblading talent: Melvin Siemianowski

Melvin Siemianowski, the current German Amateur Champion, is coming up with a brand new edit showing his amazing talent. This young kid is churning out some cutting-edge stuff. After you have seen this edit, you'll understand why USD wanted him to join their family. Keep up skating! Maybe a new German Wunderkind?

Razors Junior DVD

Razors put and instructional video together which will go in the boxes of their Junior and entry level skates. The goal is to give beginners and parents an idea what they can do with aggressive skates and an insight into our sport. Great initiative by Razors! Keep up planting the seeds for the future of Rollerblading!

FISE 2010 Pro Finales footage by Pellomag

The guys from Pellomag come up with some footage from the PRO Finals at the FISE 2010. You wanna see some of the best skaters of the world? So make sure you check out this edit. And of course the Pellomag guys presented themselves in the best light. For more check the video!

Colora Road Trip

Here is a great edit outlining the highlights of this year's Colorado Road trip with Sean Sea, Jeremy Spira, Andy Kruse, Sayer Danforth, Rob G and many more. Lean back and enjoy!

Remz at the FISE 2010

Here we go with a special REMZ view on Europe's biggest Extreme Sports Events, the FISE, located in Montpellier (France). Remz has brought their best riders to the event. Franky Morales, Dominik Wagner and CJ Wellsmore are going at the FISE 2010 (WRS Pro Tour). CJ got 2nd place, Dominik 4th, and Franky 9th. Congratulations from the Be-Mag crew!

Daniel Gomez promo

Daniel Gomez (aka "Chino") just got back from the Remz England tour where he destroyed UK's finest skateparks along with the Remz Pros like CJ Wellsmore and Franky Morales. If you want to see Chino ripping a skatepark in his home country Spain, then watch this sweet edit here.

Cloud Unique presents Nicolas Schoepfer as their first team rider

Cloud Unique Tees is a new t-shirt brand based in Barcelona, Spain. Cloud Unique Tees is proud to support rollerblading. Cloud Unique Tees are made using unique dyes and special washes. The full process is made by hand. Due to this every t-shirt is unique. Wearing these tees makes you stand out from the crowd. The first collection is launched this month, and will announce their freestyle rollerblading team with one rider at a time. Their first team rider announced is Nicolas Schopfer, from Geneva. You can watch a little edit with his presentation.

Taig Khris jumping from the Eiffel Tower

As you might have seen already Taig Khris is again up to some crazy new things. In 10 days from now he will jump from the Eiffel Tower in Paris into Ramp. If he can lace this massive jump, he will set up once again a new record. Taig must have some crazy days until the MEGA JUMP will take place in front of a massive live audience.

Jenna Downing profile 2010

Simon Mulvaney (winner of the 2010 GradEx film festival) just released this amazing profile view on UK's Rollerblading postergirl, Jenna Downing. In this edit you can get a great insight into Jenna Downing's passion for rolling, as she explains how she started, her views on the industry and what needs to be done in the future.

Valo at the Fise

Check out the Valo photo update from the Fise in Montpellier on their page. The next Valo tour stop is Lisbon (Portugal). Stay tuned for some more fancy...

Nimh at the 2010 Australian Rolling Open

The Rat Tail Army just posted this brand new Nimh edit featuring the Australia Nimh force (consisting of Johnny Jensen, Simon Dorabialski and Mass Alhatawi) at the 2010 Australian Rolling Open.

I heart box

This is a brand new edit by Gabe Holm showing that you just need some wood, some rails, some handy people and some space to get a lot of fun! Find out more in the edit!

Dominic Sagona: Back on Blades again

After a long and complicated injury Dominic is now back on skates amazing everyone with his uncanny buttery smooth steeze! This is the beginning of his comeback! Watch out for some more Sagona action!