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March 13th, 2011 - by Monday

March Madness at Shields Skatepark

Over the past couple of years, the Tri-State Area (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut) has lost too many indoor skate parks to count. From Hackettstown in New Jersey to the infamous Academy Skate Park in Connecticut; we have lost too many indoor parks due to lack of funding and support. We have endorsed endless hours of blading and hard earned cash to spend late sunday nights lacing tricks.  Kids grow up in these parks and inevitably they have to watch the place they were raised in get torn down to the ground.

One of our last surviving indoor Skate Parks in the Tri-State Area is Shield's Skate Park in Flemington, NJ. Run by Mr. Shields himself, the park has gained a large community of rollerbladers from all over the Tri-State Area. Bladers assemble every Thursday night for a balls-to-the-wall session of stunts and filming/photography sessions. The park certainly favors rollerblading with a huge half pipe, tons of round coping, and creative transitions. Amazing skaters such as Franco Cammayo and Dave Lang (and so many more) have thrown down some of the most unbelievable lines i have ever seen.  

With that said, every year, Tee Tirado, of Spoiled Brat Skate Shop and Mr. Shields of Shields Skate Park work hard to hold a rollerblade competition for bladers in the Tri-State Area. The turn out has been few over the past couple of years but this year more than ever the event has come grow in huge numbers. Myself and a couple of close industry representatives, photographer Shardy Nieves and Shields Park supporter Mr. Martin, are helping Tirado and Shields and have contacted several sponsors to help us promote a successful event. Mr. Martin is one of the true heroes behind the scenes as for he is the man who contacted Kato and got the event accepted as a WRS supported competition!

We can also proudly say that local sponsors and supporters have come together offer a CASH PRIZE in addition to all of the great product we will have for give away and sale in our trade show that will be held throughout the competition!

With a couple of close contacts, we have managed to get support from Be-Mag and can promise full coverage from our hired filmed and photography staff. Flip The Script film crew out of New York City has agreed to produce yet another amazing edit for us.  Also, talented photographer Shardy Nieves has joined the team to update you on the competition with some great shots.

In the end... We have collaboratively turned this small town event into a WRS supported contest with several industry sponsors backing us up! It has been a last minute project but I cannot stress enough how helpful these sponsors have been. From top to bottom all of the sponsors listed in the flyer have made strides to support this even literally within a 10 day notice! AMAZING!

So grab your blades... and take a ride to Flemington, New Jersey to skate the newly named and First Annual March Madness Competition supported by the World Rolling Series!

-Sam DeAngelis


Category: Competitions

Start: 2011/03/13 (09:00)

End: 2011/03/13 (17:00)

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March 09th, 2011 @ 17:13 - by Tee Tee

Thx Sam for your committment and dedication for the shops, skate park and most importantly the SPORT of FRESTYLE ROLLING!!!!! Again thank you and Mr. martin, shardy and other for Stepping Up and running with this is in such a short time!!! again thank you!!!!!


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