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August 04th, 2011 - by Monday

Rollerblade California Tour 2011

Robert Guerrero, David Sizemore, Sean Keane and Cody Porche will be on tour in California in August. Check the flyer for more info!

Category: Tours

Location: Sunnyvale, Rocklin, Venice Beach, San Louis Obispo, United States

Date: 2011/08/04

Time: whole day

Tags: 0, california, cody porche, david sizemore, robert guerrero, rollerblade, sean keane, tour


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August 31st, 2013 @ 03:18 - by Aminata Aminata

While I did not hit my head on either ocasoicn, the potential was there. I can assure you that if you did hit your head, whether you were wearing a helmet or not would have made no difference to your brain. You might have avoided a scalp laceration but that's about all. If forces are great enough to cause a brain injury, this will occur regardless.You said: I have also, on the Cor Drive ‘bikepath’ (as it was then), seen pedestrians and a child (about 4 yrs) on a bicycle suddenly change direction into the path of cyclists – with terrible consequences.This is a classic case of suggesting a bicycle helmet is a solution (falling after a collision with a pedestrian/slow cyclist) to an entirely different problem. When I cycle past pedestrians or child cyclists that have not acknowledged my call or bell, I slow down so that my closing speed is almost pedestrian. That is safe. We should expect such behaviour from children and to somehow put the blame on them for getting in the way' of cyclists is to avoid the problem cyclists going too fast for the conditions. It is these cyclists that give all bicycle users a bad name and put off potential citizen cyclists.You said: Dispensable linings seem an obvious solution- but maybe all this has been considered? Hygiene is only a minor issue but a valid one and no liner' will prevent sweat seeping through, unless it is like a plastic showcap.The real issue is that to comply with the law the helmet must:- be appropriately sized (there is no one-size-fits-all helmet)- be undamaged (including UV damage)There would have to be a staff member at every station to inspect the helmets for any sign of damage. It has nothing to do with hygiene.Dr Paul MartinMBBS, FANZCA [url=]meegxnoo[/url] [link=]etnseggaf[/link]

August 14th, 2013 @ 12:40 - by Eddie Eddie

for Melbourne's scheme which is haldry a success, despite their trumpeting. The figures don't lie.What is interesting is that the tender document for the scheme, downloadable , states clearly that it was up to the operator to supply helmets with Council completely washing their hands of the issue which is irresponsible of them if you ask me. These bike share operators (there are a few big players the Divinci bikes (eg. Montreal, Melbourne) and the JCDecaux bikes (eg. Ve9lib', CityCycle) have told Melbourne & Brisbane from the start that it won't work if you insist on mandatory helmets for users and I agree. Why they went ahead is anyone's guess but perhaps they're being underwritten by us, the taxpayer?We stand to lose a lot as a community:- if the bikes don't get used it will be an extraordinary waste of taxpayer dollars.- if they stand unused then anti-bicycle folk will have lots of ammunition as to why we shouldn't spend money on cycling.- the potential loss of many new bicycle users (I don't mean cyclists' in the current Australian sense we need to change that mindset) who would take to these safe, upright, stable & slow city bikes as a means of transport they often will go out and buy their own.- with a loss of this new bicycle culture, there will be a loss in potential lobbying power for good quality cycling infrastructure, which is what we really need (and I'm talking about the gold standard, Dutch-style paths) see for plenty on that.The CityCycle tender shows that it is for a 5 year trial. After this, council will decide to either scrap it, take it over or let JCDecaux continue running it.Why we don't use this golden opportunity to have a trial relaxation of the helmet law is beyond me. The portrayal of riding a bicycle as a high risk activity by promoting safety, safety, safety' ad nauseum (which we hear as danger, danger danger!') now means that many people believe that there would be a tsunami of head injuries if we were to relax the law.The thinkers in our society know otherwise. None, sadly, are in Government. If they are, they lack a spine. All we can do is write to our politicians in the vain hope that they'll listen to the experts for a change, rather than their own beliefs' Regards,PaulDr Paul MartinMBBS, FANZCA

August 12th, 2013 @ 20:05 - by Shahabuddin Shahabuddin

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August 11th, 2013 @ 14:14 - by Sam Sam

That's what I did the other day. I took my dog Gino, my Galaxy SII as my camera, some water and I had a dentosatiin in mind. As I walked I took pictures, my dog enjoyed it. I had something to blog about and great evidence that I was there. Have fun sharing the good stuff with your readers Christina.Johan Horak recently posted..

August 11th, 2013 @ 00:28 - by Shy Shy

Great ideas! Walking your dog is a win-win situation. It burns off your calieors, keeping you fit while it burns off the energy of your dog, keeping him happy, fit and easy to discipline. I also do Yoga twice or thrice a week. It's a great way to flex you muscles plus it's a great sleeping pill. But the best of all is Surfing! it's fun plus you can work on your tan!


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