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Thread: Another Carbon 2 Heat Mold/heel thread

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    well i had just bought some black carbon 2s. i had skated about a three hour session in em and found a couple pressure point areas( pinky toes, ankles, and my left heel. I had put padding+tape along my ankles, pinky toes, and heel and heat molded at 190 to try relieve the pressure points. I can say that the the boots fit amazing now except for the heel. When i put them in the oven, it just does not seem to soften the carbon in the heel area(while it softens the toes. )So my question is... could it just be my placement?(toe area is more near the back of the over). Do i need to go hotter, or just longer? And how have you guys dealt with this issue? Oh and btw i am wearing a thin nylon sock under a very dense thicker sock. Replies would be appreciated, Thanks

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    The carbon in the heel is so thick that it simply cannot be molded. I tried heating it up, shoving a wheel in the heel area and tightening it down with a c-clamp. That shit doesn't move.

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    Thanks for the reply... that is not good news

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    No sir. If you can find those super old deshi ankle neoprene sock things I recommend you get them.

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    i know it looks weird, but i alway do this:

    my xsjados are WAY MORE comfy with these things. you can even customize where you want more "padding".

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    well i desperately stopped by a sporting goods store today and looked around for an hour. I bought 80 bucks worth of braces, weird rubber heel cups, and socks ( knowing i was going to return nearly all of it). After trying on everything with different multisock combinations i actually found somthing that seems to be working. I got this neoprene ankle sock thing which has a hole/ankle pocket in the back.( Here is what it looks like ) I threw a thin nylon sock on then the ankle brace thing and then a thick/dense/high quality sock. I was amazed that i could bend my ankle forward without it dying so i decided to try skate it like that. I skated about 20 minutes with my superfeet green insoles... found that the neoprene sock thing acts kinda as an arch support, so i had way to much pressure on my arch(which caused that deep soreness many know about). I then threw some very basic flat footbeds in and i was amazed. Skated really hard on my prail for about an hour and a half with only a tiny bit of soreness in my arch. I will be skating a longer session at an actual park tomorow. I will tell you guys how that goes.

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    oh and it gives you some extra ankle padding, which is nice for people with sensitive ankles bones like me.(even though heat molding the boots tight broke in the liner and gave me a nice ankle pocket already). It also gives you a tiny bit of added support

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    Let Justin customize them and actually make them good in his sig, a proper cuff and a proper liner...what USD should do but won't. Selling people hockey skates with souls and a shitty cuff excuse.

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    yeah, USD is so stupid. fix those things if they're that bad! and they released the carbon 3. 0,5mm taller, new skin technology... facepalm

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    what's wrong with the carbon2 cuff?

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