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Thread: EU/UK located - Seba Igor 2016 black 4D size 43 EU / 9 UK

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    Default EU/UK located - Seba Igor 2016 black 4D size 43 EU / 9 UK

    It's the very same model, carbon shell, very light and currently the top of the line model from Seba. Frame is flat with 80mm wheels, not rockered.

    Unfortunately they don't fit me as i need them a bit larger. They are unworn in brand new condition 100/100, i only tried the left boot and i saw they are not fitting. The lenght was allright but i have wide feet so i have to let them go. They will definately fit a 42 EU / 43 EU with slim feet.
    RRP was £475,and afaik it's very hard to get medium sizes since they'll mostly be sold out and i never saw any discounts on them. £300 should be a more than decent price. Free UK shipping, I can ship worldwide if you pay the costs.
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    £300 negociable. Brand new...
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    £250, half price...
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    Still available, collecting dust in the box...

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