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November 02nd, 2010 - by ROLLo976

Yeah We Rollerblade ... AND ? - Teaser

Tom Sharman filmed this video in summer in and around London.

&? TEASER from Tom Sharman on Vimeo.


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Yeah We Rollerblade ... AND ? - Teaser


Yeah We Rollerblade ... AND ? - Teaser

Tags: &?, and, england, london, tom sherman, video, vimeo, yeah we rollerblade, 0

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April 18th, 2012 @ 14:44 - by Maddison Maddison

Review by Wei Li for Rating: This item was amazing. it was ready to use right out of the box. the size of the rlaoerblldes is basicly the same size as your shoes. they fit snuggly on your feet and you can rollerblade for up to an hour without getting sore or tired. i use these every night, one down side of this package are the wheels. i believe that they are abit too soft so i recommend getting better ones. the brace for the shoes are great but they look like they might break if you put too much stress on them but over all this was amazing. i love it

April 18th, 2012 @ 14:44 - by Willibaldo Willibaldo

Review by Daniel P. Royer for Rating: These skates are great! Only poblrem I have with them, hense the 4 stars, is that the bearings that come with the skates, SG5 s, are pretty pathetic and don't spin that fast. I definitely recommend changing them out, as I did, with ABEC 9 s. Yea they're more expensive but if you're going for speed as I do, you'll want to change out the factory bearings.Other then that, as with any new pair of skates, expect your feet to be sore after the first few times you go out with them until you break them in.Since they're soft boot, go 1 step down in size from your shoe size. I'm size 11, and I bought size 10, and it fits perfectly!You know you're getting quality when you buy Rollerblade. When these eventually wear out years down the road, I'll definitely go with this manufacturer of inline rollerblades again!


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