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April 09th, 2012 - by Monday

Demetrios George NYC Street Edit

If you haven't watched my last edit of a session at the new Tri State Skate location than you haven't read my last write up and you don't know I just spent a weekend in NYC. So to catch you up, Erod mentioned a trip he was taking out east and I decided to buy myself a flight "you know how I love traveling". With only a few days to skate going up against the weather conditions we managed to pull some street clips together for your enjoyment. This trip was just pure love for the blades. No stress continual action and content. Expect more to come. Hope you enjoy! -Demetrios George


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Demetrios George NYC Street Edit


Demetrios George NYC Street Edit

Tags: 9to5 mixtapes, demetrios george, erick rodriguez, greg kieffer, new york, rachard johnson, the conference, usd

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July 08th, 2013 @ 04:55 - by Agung Agung

- ok you've just lost a reader bcsauee i can't cry anymore over your blogs. just teasing. you guys are awesome and a great example and virginia is so blessed to have parents who love each other so well and take time for their marriage. [url=]ecbuhwoy[/url] [link=]mkjvpowh[/link]

July 07th, 2013 @ 07:56 - by Cecilia Cecilia

Yep! I am right with you there forget the dpsopiraval and what others may think, sometimes the wrong ways are so, so right! Keep doing it girl and you will win Mother of the year from two of the most important judges! lol (Ps email still in draft form due to life will be in touch soon! xx)

July 06th, 2013 @ 10:46 - by Koukou Koukou

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July 05th, 2013 @ 12:36 - by Magda Magda

123Nathaniel321 / I bought this game full price shotry after it came out, but I don't TOTALLY regret it. I actually liked the graphics, they're quite dark, immerseive and grim. The combat is awful, however, I love campaign games, and I played this through to the end, the majority of the time I was having fun. Plus the ending is really worth getting to, believe me. I only played it once, but it was a good way to eat up some late nights.

April 03rd, 2013 @ 09:50 - by Easter Easter

Hey, that post leeavs me feeling foolish. Kudos to you!


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