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Global Connections - 09/01/03
Jarrod Thackeray - Alleyoop Topacid

January 03rd, 2009 - by Ed Liew
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Jarrod Thackeray Alleyoop Topacid
Lukas Merkle Fishy Eric Perkett Mut Gap Jarrod Thackeray Alleyoop Topacid Jochen Smuda Topsoul Stall Tim Helbock Misfit to Topsoul

Skater: Jarrod Thackeray

Trick: Alleyoop Topacid

Photographer: Ed

Location: Newport Skate Park, Melbourne, Australia

Tags: alleyoop topacid, alleyoop topside acid, australia, ed, emescecom, jarrod thackeray, melbourne, newport skatepark, rollerblading, xsjados


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January 09th, 2009 @ 17:58 - by avichai_from_israel avichai_from_israel



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