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Global Connections - 10/04/16
Anthony Gallegos - Fin tap to 360 Topsoul

April 16th, 2010 - by Stuff
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Anthony Gallegos Fin tap to 360 Topsoul
Alex Rudolf Ao Mizou Taylor Ritchie Topsoul Stall Rewind Anthony Gallegos Fin tap to 360 Topsoul Robert Guerrero 180 Rocket Militaru Mihai Bs Royale

Skater: Anthony Gallegos

Trick: Fin tap to 360 Topsoul

Photographer: Jonathan Labez

Photo Equipment: Canon 30D, nikon sb-24 and sb-25, Honl 1/4" grid, daylight gels

Photo Settings: 1/125, F/5.6, strobe left and up 1/2, right strobe 1/2

Location: Long Beach, CA

Tags: anthony gallegos, beach, california, canon 30d, jonathan labez, long beach, sunset, usa


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April 16th, 2010 @ 17:59 - by Monday Monday

Fin tap, lol... Cool pic...


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