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Pic of the week - 13/07/22
Michal Kostrzynski - Bs Torque

July 22nd, 2013 - by Stuff
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Michal Kostrzynski Bs Torque
Steve Dando Mute Leo Oppenheim Stale Michal Kostrzynski Bs Torque Marc Moreno 180 Mute Gap Daniel Selyebi Bs Savannah

Skater: Michal Kostrzynski

Trick: Bs Torque

Photographer: Jürgen Voolaid

Location: Tauzen, Poland

Tags: bs torque, jürgen voolaid, michał kostrzynski, poland, rail, tauzen



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November 04th, 2013 @ 13:38 - by fast eddie fast eddie

Survey : overview of the activities to return from Austria

-an interesting read, and an unlikely location to find this :)


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