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April 22nd, 2011 - by rollerquinn

Royale Drop rail

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This is called the Royale drop rail for an obvious reason that you will find out soon...

This drop rail which is a fast 15 stair is actually pretty nice. You can grind the flat to drop or transfer or gap or just hit the rail. The only real mentionable trick on this spot is by Dan Breuer who 180 over the rail is his part in ACHOSEN-FEW.COM's "Shorties" there is also another gap right next to it and a popular 9 stair for skate boarders there too.

Dan Breuer 180 on this huge gap can be seen here at 1:38 here:

can be a bust
bring wax
no light
vibe is what you make it on this one???

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Royale Drop rail
Royale Drop rail Royale Drop rail Royale Drop rail Royale Drop rail Royale Drop rail Royale Drop rail Royale Drop rail Royale Drop rail Royale Drop rail Royale Drop rail


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