Coco Sanchez: New Rollerblade Pro

The early days of 2015 have seen the Rollerblade pro team evolve quite a bit, and after Kevin Lapierre and Sean Keane, now the brand welcomes bladie Coco Sanchez on board! Good to see some new blood getting...

Sean Keane: New Rollerblade Pro

After Kevin Lapierre a few weeks back, now it is time for Sacramento's black panther Sean Keane to get promoted to the Rollerblade Pro team! From being Valo's underrage surprise pick, to becoming one of the...

Scribe – New Kevin Lapierre Pro Wheel

After his recent addition to the Rollerblade pro team, Canada's finest Kevin Lapierre will received his first signature wheel from Scribe Industries this year! If you take into account the fact that he...

Kevin Lapierre: New Rollerblade Pro

After Taylor Ritchie's recent promotion, it seems like it is a good week for Canada as Rollerblade's Kevin Lapierre just moved up to ladder, all the way to the RB pro team! The Ground Control team rider has...

Jan Ebbert: Grindhouse Welcome File

German Rollerblade teamrider Jan Ebbert recently got added to the Grindhouse team and his welcome edit has a good amount of technical bangers in it. Make sure to keep your eyes open for this guy, he is just...

Kevin Lapierre: One Minute One Spot

A few years ago, a new face appeared in the Montreal skating scene. I first met Kevin about 5 years ago in Montreal. He came at the shop with his parent to buy his first pair of skates. I never seen a kid getting new skates and being as much excited as Kevin. At that time, I knew this kid had something different. A couple of months after, local skaters started to get used to see Kevin at differents sessions even if was living 60 miles away from Montreal. I didn’t took so long to realised that Kevin was gifted with a natural talent.

Guillaume Le Gentil: 1 Minute, 1 Spot

Guillaume Le Gentil , what’s in a name. This guy is not only named ‘ nice’ in French , he brings a more than nice bag of tricks to the table. Skating fast is the main ingredient. We filmed his ‘ One Minute...’ in about 30-35 minutes , on one of Amsterdams slipperiest curbs , in Osdorp. And besides handeling his business nicely he’s a pretty nice guy too.