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amsterdam week

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December 22nd, 2012 Matthis

Amsterdam Week: IMYTA+ Flashback

Amsterdam Week: IMYTA+ Flashback

I had seen touristbladers before of course. Most of the time you would run into touristbladers at the local skatespots, and every once in a while you could spot a small flock of touristbladers in the wild. But nothing could have prepared me for the amount of touristbladers I witnessed the days leading up to one of the most anticipated real street events ever. Everywhere I went I encountered Mindgame hoodies, $enate backpacks, Medium sweaters and more of the like. Us Damsko Kids had been waiting for this weekend ever since it had become clear that the two grandfathers of real street contests would be working together on what was to become one of the most epic rollerblading weekends ever witnessed by man. This day had finally arrived. With it an unbelievable number of rollerbladers of all ages and nationality. Words fail to describe the awesomeness experienced by yours truly. Therefore I will not even attempt to bore you with more of my insane ramblings, but will let the pictures speak for themselves.

December 17th, 2012 Matthis

Amsterdam Week: Edwin Wieringh Interview

Amsterdam Week: Edwin Wieringh Interview

You don't just get the name 'From Hell' replaced with your actual, Dutch farmers name. This is a level of awesome that has to be worked hard for. You will have to put all principles and dignity aside, you will have to know no shame and you must act fearles at all times. Simply put, you have to not give a fuck and pull hardcore stunts on even more terrifying spots. So you can understand why us Dutch folk round here take great pride in the fact that Edwin 'From Hell' Wieringh is one of ours.

December 16th, 2012 Matthis

Up and Comers: Eric van Boven

Up and Comers: Eric van Boven

I was fortunate enough to meet Eric in person this summer while visiting the Adapt Brand crew in Holland and he is a skater to look out for. Eric skates with a raw energy, has an eye for unique spots, and is always down to smoke cigarettes or have a drink or two.

December 15th, 2012 Matthis

Amsterdam Week: Who's Who in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Week: Who's Who in Amsterdam

As you might have noticed this week we are spotlighting Rollerblading Amsterdam here on Be-Mag. Of course, we can't talk about Rollerblading in A-Dam without giving you an insight into the city's skate crew. So, what other people will you be meeting most likely when you decide to shred in Holland's capital - so here it is. A list of the Amsterdam Rollerbladers you might come across when you cruise through the city.

December 13th, 2012 Joram

Amsterdam Week: Rolling Artist - Daan Hegt

Amsterdam Week: Rolling Artist - Daan Hegt

Daan Hegt can hold it down on blades. He proved that in a big way by reaching the finals of the IMYTA Amsterdam back in 2005. Lately he's been focusing on his other passion: music. We checked in with the born and raised Amsterdammer to find out about his new project called Flash Grimey.

December 12th, 2012 Matthis

Amsterdam Week: Company Profile – Thisissoul Skateshop

Amsterdam Week: Company Profile – Thisissoul Skateshop

You can say what you want about Ivo Fighter and his undeniable skill to turn every conversation into an awkward silence. But this modern day incarnation of Jesus F. Christ is single-handedly responsible for breathing life into the difficult scene of inline blading in the Netherlands.

December 10th, 2012 Joram

Amsterdam Week: Photographer Profile - Bojd Vredevoogd

Amsterdam Week: Photographer Profile - Bojd Vredevoogd

Without Bojd Vredevoogd the Amsterdam Week wouldn't have been possible. Whether it was in the middle of the night or early in the morning Bojd didn't hesitate one second to shoot pictures and contribute all his freetime for the Be-Mag Amsterdam Week 2012. Bojd is the man you can count on when you need a badass shot. Although it's pretty difficult to get a shot of the Red Light District the 26-year old Amsterdam local isn't the one to disappoint or give up. He will find a solution to get things done. Always down to motivate others to give their best and catching the right angles with his analogue camera. Marnix Haak had the chance to talk to him and to ask him about his motives and perceptions on rolling, photographing, girls, party, clothes etc.? Let's go beyond the surface, and investigate what's going on inside his mind. Interview. Start. Now.

December 09th, 2012 Joram

Amsterdam Week: Rolling Artist - Sergio Hasselbaink

Amsterdam Week: Rolling Artist - Sergio Hasselbaink

Sergio Hasselbaink is one of Amsterdam’s few true wonder boys. He is a unique character on many levels. His swag is absolutely impeccable. Currently, he is experiencing great success with his passion in acting. That face is infamous in the nightly scene of Amsterdam. In short, he is an unstoppable, never-resting soul that does everything with complete passion, interest, and certain sensitivity.

December 08th, 2012 Joram

Amsterdam Week: An Interview With Gijs Piss AKA The Inventor of the Real Street Contest

Amsterdam Week: An Interview With Gijs Piss AKA The Inventor of the Real Street Contest

Gijs 'Piss' Peetsold has been an influential blader since the 90s. Sure he can shred, and inspire through blading, but his real strength lies in all the things that make blading badass off the skates. Media, events, brands, developing talented young bladers, he's had his fingers in all those pies. At his ripe age you'd expect him to take it easy, and let skating take the backseat. But no. He and his colleague (Amnon Klein) recently created an epic grindbox across the street from his work, and by doing so got half of the washed up generation of Amsterdam's bladers back on four/eight wheels. All in a day's work for this bald cat owning, single-malt sipping, cigar smoking, poker playing rollerblader. This dude is invaluable, not just for the world of Blading, but especially for those who's life he enriches with kindness, generosity and the ability to criticize everything to an early death. My man Piss.

December 06th, 2012 Joram

Introducing Be-Mag Amsterdam Week 2012

Introducing Be-Mag Amsterdam Week 2012

Most people take pride in the city, town or village they hail from. It is a pride that manifests in important soccer matches, hip hop songs and, in the case of Eastern Europe, wrestling with pigs and other great traditions. Some people take greater pride in their home-country or city than others, and quite often people misuse their pride in forcing it upon others, the exact reason why no one really likes Germans. But, it is a great thing to have a strong, healthy feeling of pride of the place you live in. Especially when you’re from Amsterdam.


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