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chris esposito

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March 28th, 2011 Monday

March Madness 2011 Contest Report

March Madness 2011 Contest Report

Over the past couple of years, the Tri-State Area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut) has lost too many indoor skate parks to count. From Hackettstown in New Jersey to the infamous Academy Skate Park in Connecticut; we have lost too many indoor parks due to lack of funding and support. We have endorsed endless hours of blading and hard earned cash to spend late Sunday nights lacing tricks in local parks. Kids grow up in these facilities and inevitably they have to watch the place they were raised in get torn down to the ground. One of our last surviving indoor Skate Parks in the Tri-State Area is Shield's Skate Park in Flemington, NJ. Run by Mr. Shields himself, the park has gained a large community of rollerbladers from all over the Tri-State Area. Bladers assemble every Thursday night for a balls-to-the-wall session of stunts and filming/photography sessions. The park certainly favors rollerblading with a huge half pipe, tons of round coping, and creative transitions. Amazing skaters such as Franco Cammayo, Erick Rodriguez and Dave Lang (and so many more) have thrown down some of the most unbelievable lines I have ever seen.

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October 17th, 2011 Matthis

Scribe Industries: Chris Esposito The Lost Files

Scribe Industries: Chris Esposito The Lost Files

Chris is an unknown legend. He has been skating for nearly 18 years and has more passion for this sport and industry then a majority of the rollerbladers skating today. This footage was all filmed in 2010 into the 2011 winter. It was put in a hard-drive and forgotten about, until now.


Alex Broskow

Arlo Eisenberg

Brian Aragon

Chris Edwards

Chris Farmer

Chris Haffey

CJ Wellsmore

David Sizemore

Dominic Sagona

Don Bambrick

Erik Bailey

Fallon Heffernan

Franky Morales

Jeff Stockwell

Jon Julio

Sven Boekhorst

Taig Khris









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