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issue 32

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July 08th, 2009 Stuff

Daniel Prell Interview - Online Supplement Issue 32

Daniel Prell Interview - Online Supplement Issue 32

With the help of Matze Ogger, we´ve been building a ramp to grind up this 45° angled square thing. In order to build that ramp we had to force our way into an abandoned beach club – at least we thought it was abandoned until we found some fresh lemons and drinks at the bar.

July 03rd, 2009 Stuff

Issue 32 Cover Wallpaper

Issue 32 Cover Wallpaper

Alex Broskow putting in the extra hard work for his own company. Sharp transition to AO Topsoul on one of the tallest ledges in Texas during the Vibralux On Top Tour.

March 31st, 2009 Stuff

Chris Farmer - Issue 32 Wallpaper

Chris Farmer - Issue 32 Wallpaper

Below you see that Chris Farmer can bust out inverts. He told me not to film this since it was going to be in the 4x4 video. Maybe next time I won't liksten to him. - AJ

March 18th, 2009 Stuff

Issue 32 Montre Livingston Wallpaper

Issue 32 Montre Livingston Wallpaper

It's been a long time now since I’ve heard my old friends from North Carolina speak of this kid named Montre. We would usual take an annual trip down south and link up with Dre Powell, Will Gordon and the rest of the Carolina crew.


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