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jason staine

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September 13th, 2010 OlliNer

Tri-State Skate Tour Part 3

Tri-State Skate Tour Part 3

Day 3 (final day) was spent driving about an hour up to Xtreme Wheels in Buffalo NY, then the guys skating their asses off for the 3rd consecutive day. It was crazy to see how hard these guys skated on the last day, after skating non stop the 2 days prior, AND going out to the bars at night (Pat's bday at Lux was an extra special night for him HAHA!).

August 16th, 2010 OlliNer

Tri-State Skate Tour Part 2

Tri-State Skate Tour Part 2

4 AM… Saturday morning… I woke up and drove to Rochester, NY. I took the trip to meet up with videographer Jason Staine and the Tri-State Skate Team. After a five and a a half hour drive we made it to Roc City, got our skate pants on and headed to the streets.

March 31st, 2010 Ben Murphy

Jason Staine's Signature (+ iPod Download!)

Jason Staine's Signature (+ iPod Download!)

Jason Staine, the man behind Rolling Film Media, recently released his DVD entitled Signature. Read on to find out more about Jason, the making of the DVD, and what he's doing next...

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January 07th, 2010 OlliNer

Official trailer of "Signature"

Jason Staine (Rolling Film Media) is about to release "Signature", a new Rollerblading Film which is awaited with great anticipation. This DVD features the young upper crust (Jeff Dalnas, Mark Wodja and Alex Nunez) of the current Rollerb...

Pictures (1 results)
October 14th, 2007 J. Staine

Joey Zitelli - wallride 180 out

Joey Zitelli wallride 180 out

Skater: Joey Zitelli
Trick: wallride 180 out
Photographer: Jason Staine
Location: city college NYC


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