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kendall ware

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November 02nd, 2011 Matthis

Competition Report: 15th Annual Hoedown

Competition Report: 15th Annual Hoedown

So, this is it? The 15th and final Showdown at the Hoedown, or at least at the current location. It's been a great ride, and I agree it may be time to move on. I've managed to attend all but the first Hoedown, and every year I am impressed by not only the level of skating, but the level of community this event brings. It might start with the fact that Eisenberg's Skatepark is a family run park and Miss Vicky, Arlo's mom, is in attendance cheering on the skaters with the rest of us. Whatever it is I want to personally thank everyone who has ever been to a Hoedown be it to skate, watch, or just get drunk in the parking lot – we call it tailgating in Texas – it's been a lot of fun.

October 08th, 2010 ROLLo976

Interview with Kendall Ware

Interview with Kendall Ware

I’ve known Kendall Ware for about ten years now, and he’s always been a super dedicated skater. I can remember little grom Kendall always at the park trying to learn new tricks to put in his trick bag, and all that hard work and dedication really shows in his skating today. Whether it’s skating a little ledge or a huge down rail or even a gap every now and then, Kendall is always down to have a good time, hang out with rollers and do everything you did… and better… but switch, too. I’m half kidding. Kendall is a great guy and a great asset to rollerblading today. He’s always nice to the little rollers and willing to give some pointers, and he’ll never give up on rolling. Bottom line; super nice guy, super technical skater, been in the game a long time (OG). Kendall Ware. Love always, Jaysin Williams

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November 12th, 2010 ROLLo976

Kendall Ware - Dallas Cinematography Reel

Kendall Ware - Dallas Cinematography Reel

This is his sweet Dallas, Texas edit. There are some time leps clips mixed up with nice street skating. Dallas Cinematography Reel from Kendall Ware on Vimeo.

October 22nd, 2010 ROLLo976

Kendall Ware - 2 Days in Texas

Kendall Ware - 2 Days in Texas

Kendall was checking out some street spots and a nice concrete park in Wichita Falls, Texas.   Kendall Ware-2 Days in WF, TX from Kendall Ware on Vimeo. Don´t forget to check out his sweet interview:

July 04th, 2010 OlliNer

Kendall & Jaysin-Allen Skatepark

Kendall & Jaysin-Allen Skatepark

Check out this quick day edit put together by Kendall and Jaysin with everything they were able to film during an hour at Allen Skatepark - with 105 degree heat.

June 26th, 2010 Maiks

Kendall Ware 2010 Edit

Kendall Ware 2010 Edit

New edit featuring Kendall Ware. This edit was made to get rid of his old GL2 clips. Enjoy. Kendall Ware-2010 Online Profile from Kendall Ware on Vimeo.


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