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killin it

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October 10th, 2010 Stuff

Camp Woodward 2010 featuring Franky Morales, Thumper Nagasako, Andrew Nemiroski, Dan Breuer and many more campers

Camp Woodward 2010 featuring Franky Morales, Thumper Nagasako, Andrew Nemiroski, Dan Breuer and many more campers

Camp Woodward has once again given me a great place to call home for the summer. The heavenly-gated community of devoted rollerbladers, skateboarders, and bikers, continues to welcome all aspiring talent of all ages with open arms. With a top of the line training facility, Camp Woodward is dedicated to provide athletes at any skill level with a safe, fun, effective ways to learn and progress in all action sports.

April 12th, 2010 Be-Mag

Andrew "Nemo" Nemiroski's Killin' It

Andrew "Nemo" Nemiroski's Killin' It

Are you wondering what's up with Andrew Nemiroski, the guy behind the new "Killin' It" DVD? Check this out!

News (6 results)
February 15th, 2012 fourdownproductions

The Junk Show 2.4 The Other Side

The Junk Show 2.4 The Other Side

They're back at it again. The Junk Show team breaks out the camera and heads south. Brandon Enouf decided to venture down to Dave Bloom's side of Colorado for some good times on the Western Slope. First up, Durango Mountain Resort, for some playtime on the smaller resort features. After that, it was time to head out to some real fun at Telluride Ski Resort, the highest summit resort in North America. Come, get dirty and steezy with the two troubles makes from the west. Cuddle up with a honey, set the lights low, pour a glass of merlot, turn up the speakers, and take it sloooooow.

May 03rd, 2010 OlliNer

John Bolino Preview

John Bolino Preview

Here is a teaser for a special feature with John Bolino that will be released on soon. John acquired a global-reputation as a ripper on his NIMH-Skates with a dozen of online edits, celebrated video parts in Vicious Sleaze, Killin ...

April 15th, 2010 OlliNer

It' a strange pursuit

It' a strange pursuit

"Killing it"-DVD producer, Andrew Nemiroski, just posted up that hammer edit featuring skaters like David Sizemore, Gabriel Hyden, Quintin Lamp, Andrew Jacuzzi and many more. This edit also contains some clips from this year's PowWow. So do someth...

February 08th, 2010 OlliNer

Killin' It Trailer

Here you can see another great trailer of a Rollerblading-film that will hit skate-stores soon. And this release will please you with an outstanding cast of characters: full profiles on David Sizemore, Cody Porche, Jon Jon Bolino, Andrew Nemiroski...

January 02nd, 2010 Stuff

Jon Jon Bolino Killin It Promo Clip

Jon Jon stomping a fakie 900, check it out!

October 22nd, 2009 Michael_B

Promo edit for killin it

Nemo just posted a promo edit for Killin' it, due out in February 2010. Killin' It Promo from Andrew Nemiroski on Vimeo.


Alex Broskow

Arlo Eisenberg

Brian Aragon

Chris Edwards

Chris Farmer

Chris Haffey

CJ Wellsmore

David Sizemore

Dominic Sagona

Don Bambrick

Erik Bailey

Fallon Heffernan

Franky Morales

Jeff Stockwell

Jon Julio

Sven Boekhorst

Taig Khris









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