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March 09th, 2012 Monday

Thoughts on 'Long Time, No See' by Craig Smith

Thoughts on 'Long Time, No See' by Craig Smith

Our sport peaked some years back. That is an undisputable fact. Since then we have seen many videos focussing more on the culture, its roots and where it’s going. Some are unrealistically optimistic, some are glorified edits, but few are as honest as 'Long Time, No See'.

July 13th, 2011 Monday

Matthias Ogger talking about his Profile in 'Seven Rats'

Matthias Ogger talking about his Profile in 'Seven Rats'

Matthias was obviously my first choice when choosing who should be featured in 'Seven Rats'. The first project I filmed with Matthias was his Rollerblade Solo Collective edit, which we pumped out in only about 5 sessions, this made me realize how quickly this guy can stack some decent clips. We became good friends through filming and skating together for the past year and a half which made it extremely easy to work with him on this project. Matthias' section is filmed mostly in the central business district of Melbourne, which gives the section a more urban and architectural feel, the same aesthetic of Matthias' previous video sections/ the Clip series. His creativity and effortless style is something that can only be gained through years of experience, as Jon Julio once said about Dustin Latimer 'He can make anything look good'. Matthias has been a blessing for the scene here in Melbourne, and a blessing for rollerblading in general. This 'left-over' edit is a collection of clips we filmed that weren't intended for use in his section, you will have to buy the DVD to see what he can really do.

May 02nd, 2011 Monday

‘Seven Rats’ Premiere in Melbourne, Australia

‘Seven Rats’ Premiere in Melbourne, Australia

It’s Friday the 22nd of April, time for the world premiere of Australian DVD ‘Seven Rats’. It was in a dark and filthy cobblestone alleyway right in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD that the red carpet was rolled out for all who attended. The appropriately named ‘Rancho Notorious’ was the venue for the evening. Inside on the first level was an old warehouse converted into a gallery showcasing talented Melbourne artists, but this didn’t take importance away from the bar which was serving the finest local and imported beers, wine, and an enormous cheese platter (real rat food). Like most who attended, Josh Clarke strolled in with his eyes set on the bar. The event and venue was one that Melbourne rollerbladers had not experienced before for a premiere, and everyone knew this meant something special.

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January 22nd, 2012 Matthis

Josh Nielsen 'Seven Rats' Section by Craig Smith

Josh Nielsen 'Seven Rats' Section by Craig Smith

Check out Josh Nielsen lacing his tricks with great style in his 'Seven Rats Section' edited by Craig Smith. A well planned production turned out in a very sweet edit. Enjoy!

August 20th, 2011 Monday

Robbie Pitts 'Seven Rats' Section by Craig Smith

Robbie Pitts 'Seven Rats' Section by Craig Smith

Peep Robbie Pitts' section from 'Seven Rats', 2011. If you like this section you should get the DVD. If not... well, then... just get it anyways... One of the best DVDs of this year!

May 06th, 2011 Monday

Seven Rats Scraps

Seven Rats Scraps

Scrap/leftover clips from 'Seven Rats'. Full DVD features profiles on Andy Plumridge, Matthias Ogger, Robbie Pitts, Isaac Callen, Josh Nielsen and Danny Jensen.

April 27th, 2011 maximoe

ARO 2011 by Craig Smith/Pavement Productions

ARO 2011 by Craig Smith/Pavement Productions

Check out this sweet edit of the Australian Rolling Open 2011 by Craig Smith/Pavement Productions. If you liked this edit make sure to check out Craigs DVD project "Seven Rats" with more exceptional skating from Down Under.


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