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March 16th, 2011 Monday

Traitement Review by Leon Basin of ShopTask

Traitement Review by Leon Basin of ShopTask

This morning was a pretty miserable rainy day in Vancouver. When I got to the shop, I wasn’t really in a mood for working for a change. So I decided to enjoy my McDonald's coffee & muffin while watching the new Traitement DVD which arrived at the shop a few days ago.

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October 17th, 2012 Monday

Brian Long 'Shop Tasktivist' Edit by Danny Beer

Brian Long 'Shop Tasktivist' Edit by Danny Beer

Brian has the steeze, experience, and brains to make blading look amazing. All he needs is an ice coffee and a banana to start the engine. When he isn't being productive in the Shoptask warehouse or shop, he's getting nice on the blades. -Danny Beer

January 30th, 2012 Matthis

Family Matters 2 by Guillaume Latrompette

Family Matters 2 by Guillaume Latrompette

Family Matters started of as a video project with a crew of gypsy skaters from Montreal. The video was filmed with a VX2000 Between the months of April and July 2010 and edited in a day or two. Montreal is a multicultural city with all kinds of people, the skaters here all come from different backgrounds working different careers; French baker, architect, stuntman and plain Gypsies. Skating is the one passion that managed to gather all these individuals together and with it grew friendships behond skating. After sessions are always good times, the night life is really exciting and you can always find a group of the skating scene out partying and most times all the original Family Matters crew out together enjoying this amazing city.

February 13th, 2011 Monday

AJ DeLong reviews Revel8 Skiboards

AJ DeLong reviews Revel8 Skiboards

This is AJ's first season on Skiboards but he has a lot of rollerblading and skiing experience. Skiboarding is an amazing sport, it's fun, practical, and easy to get used to. So if you are looking to try something new, especially if you are a rollerblader, try Skiboarding.

January 04th, 2011 Monday

Josh Silver - VanAM 2010

Josh Silver - VanAM 2010

Josh redefines „shredding“. I sure don't want to be his skates.


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