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July 28th, 2013 insteadofshave

Up and Comers: Michel Prado

Up and Comers: Michel Prado

He may have started blading relatively late, but Barcelona-based Michel Prado hasn't wasted any time since getting the wheels under his feet. Check out his latest edit and photos for proof that he shreds as hard as anyone with twice the experience, and get some insight into the man himself.

March 16th, 2013 Monday

Up and Comers: Cody Lampman

Up and Comers: Cody Lampman

Reminiscing the first time I met Cody brings three specific things to mind: all black everything, soft words, and powerful, badass blading. A few car-fulls of us Rochesterians ventured to Syracuse for a BladeBQ last summer. Upon arriving, I recognized everyone, save for one. That was Cody. He was relatively quiet (at first), but spoke loudly with his blading. It was fast, precise, stylish, and really, really good. This tattoo-covered, skinny jeans adorned, beer slamming dude I had never heard of before was absolutely attacking the ledges. Needless to say, I liked Cody immediately. Since then, Cody and I have developed a great friendship. He is a passionate blader, supportive friend, talented artist and an avid punisher of his own liver. Meet Cody Lampman.

January 30th, 2013 chowsa

Up and Comers: Konstantin Hennis

Up and Comers: Konstantin Hennis

The first time I met Konsti was on the way to ISPO Munich in 2010. Once a year we travel to this almost legendary exhibition to check out the latest products and meet some old friends again. Always when we visit Munich it is also time to meet Munich's Infernal team rider. 2010 Dario (Soller) was representing Infernal in Munich. When we met at our way to ISPO he told me that it was time for him to hand over his Infernal sponsorship to someone younger than him, to get in some fresh blood. As he wanted to keep an infernal representative in Munich he introduced Konsti to me, with the recommendation to keep an eye on him, as he was one of the rising talents from Munich. Konsti is a very nice guy, someone you like to hang out with and go for a session. He is not the type of guy looking for attention all the time. He is rolling for himself and the pure fun with an incredible smooth style. So we stayed in contact, he e-mailed me his clips and pictures and in the next summer Konsti was on the Infernal team, representing us in Munich. It's not the normal way how you get on the team, but Konsti is also not the normal skater. He’s a really cool guy with amazing skills, that's why he came to Infernal. But to keep it like Konsti, we will let his actions speak, so enjoy his clips, pics and interview.

January 21st, 2013 Monday

Up and Comers: Sean Grossman

Up and Comers: Sean Grossman

New York City and it's surrounding areas have always been a breeding grounds for incredible rollerblading talent. It's arguable that it could be one of the best scenes in the world. In recent years as big name talent has left the area for greener pastures and different opportunities, a new breed of Tri State talent has been getting more shine. The first person that always immediately comes to my mind when I think of New York and blading these past three years is Sean Grossman. Between countless edits of himself and others, his online video 'Peep Game', and his upcoming video 'Big Apple Blade', Sean has single handedly put himself at the forefront of New York City rollerblading media. I have loved watching Sean's progression the past few years, and couldn't be prouder to present to you supreme connoisseur, Long Island resident, style buff, and my very good friend, Sean Grossman.

January 16th, 2013 chowsa

Up and Comers: Toms Krasovskis

Up and Comers: Toms Krasovskis

One day I was talking to my friend Kevin in BCN when I was there chilling at the Powerhouse (the biggest thanks Richie E. for letting me stay haha) and when we were talking he asked me if I would like to film an ''Up and Comers'' section for Be-Mag. I didn’t believe it in the beginning, but when I wrapped my head around the concept I was trying to blade as much as I could to get the best clips for the video! As always there were high and lows, tricks, bails and injuries so in the end I didn’t get as many clips as I wanted. I didn’t get to do the last planned hammer for the edit because of the contusion I caught along the way. My head is still woozy so I'm sorry if the edit isn't good enough for you, but know this – it would have been better if my head was made of metal and I don’t care what you think!

December 16th, 2012 Matthis

Up and Comers: Eric van Boven

Up and Comers: Eric van Boven

I was fortunate enough to meet Eric in person this summer while visiting the Adapt Brand crew in Holland and he is a skater to look out for. Eric skates with a raw energy, has an eye for unique spots, and is always down to smoke cigarettes or have a drink or two.

August 05th, 2012 Matthis

Up and Comers: Jon Fromm

Up and Comers: Jon Fromm

Most of you probably already know Jon Fromm, or at least think you do. He shows up at competitions all over, comes out to the local blade events and always seems to have a new edit on Vimeo, forcing you to rewind and ask yourself what just happened. But if I had to share something about Jon that most people wouldn't know it would be his work ethic. Skating is the perfect microcosm of his life. To the untrained eye when watching Jon warm up with hurricane topsouls first try and switchups that leave you amazed the first thing people think is "I wish it was that easy for me" or at least thats what I was guilty of. 

July 27th, 2012 OlliNer

Up and Comers: Jo Zenk

Up and Comers: Jo Zenk

The usual introductions start with the moment when you first met the guy to be interviewed. In this specific case I have to say, that I am not quite sure where I met Johannes the first time, but I am sure about the fact that as soon as I got to know him a little I hated him instantly. Never would I ever hang out with that guy. Life can teach you tough lessons and the one that I was taught when it comes to Johannes Zenk is, that you should never judge someone on first sight.

May 25th, 2012 chowsa

Up and Comers: Tyler Hester

Up and Comers: Tyler Hester

At Be-Mag we love to see skaters that are progressive but influenced by an older generation of blader; Tyler Hester is one of those lucky few. Blessed with perfect weather in Southern California, legendary skate spots and a good mix of young and old shredders to roll with we're happy to present to you the exclusive Up and Comers edit filmed and chopped by Aarin Gates.

April 03rd, 2012 Matthis

Up and comers: Dick Heerkens

Up and comers: Dick Heerkens

I know Dick "mister shine" Heerkens for a couple of years now. He’s the friendliest dude I know in the Dutch scene. Dick is very clever and entrepreneurial, but most of all, he's a fun guy to hang out with. If we are on skates, travel, fire up the BBQ or play some soccer, he'll always be on point! When he is on skates you can see him enjoying the session, and most of the time this positive energy spreads to other skaters around him. He loves to play around but is down for some hammers as well. He does this with style and a huge trick vocabulary. If you ever have the chance to shred with him, put on your blades and do so. For now just sit back and enjoy these clips.

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News (1 results)
January 02nd, 2012 Matthis

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