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February 15th, 2010 Stuff

Grindhouse Winterclash 2010 Edit

Grindhouse Winterclash 2010 Edit

This is a quick overnight edit to show you some goodness from the competiton as fast as possible. Hope you like it. - Daniel Prell

December 06th, 2009 Michael_B

Check in with Jeremy Townsend

Jeremy has been a big part of the skating scene in Seattle throughout the years, over the last time it was a bit quiet around him, so Shawn Carter is giving us the lodown.

October 11th, 2007 - by Be-Mag

Music and Setup Session: Nils Jansons

Music and Setup Session: Nils Jansons

What is your current Skate setup, how do you like them? Remz 0703, with new GC Featherlite - Chris Haffey frame, JUG Brian Aragon liner, 4x4 farmer wheels with vicious bearings. That's the best setup I ever had, because its easy to do tricks and they are very comfortable and I like how it looks.

August 30th, 2007 - by Be-Mag

Be-roll Issue 11

Be-roll Issue 11

This issue of Be-roll takes you behind the scenes of the Beer and BBQ at Ignition skatepark. You will also be able to see a nice edit of the skatepark and the competition. Full interviews with Jojo Jacobi on the event, then with the Hey Dude crew about their latest release. And see their trailer for their newest issue. Enjoy this issue of Be-roll and...

July 04th, 2007 - by Be-Mag

EXCLUSIVE: Hey Dude VM Trailer

EXCLUSIVE: Hey Dude VM Trailer

Hey Dude Videomagazine is back for good. Their latest masterpiece will be premiered at the Ucon party this weekend and they came up with a trailer to tease you for this happening. So sit back and enjoy it and be sure to make it to the official premiere, this Saturday in Munich.

May 08th, 2007 - by Be-Mag

Be-Mag DVD Premiere Toronto

Be-Mag DVD Premiere Toronto

Just over a week ago the new Be-Mag DVD titled Featuring the World was premiered in Toronto, Canada. Rollerbladers from the Toronto area got together for a day of skating and hanging out with friends...

February 26th, 2007 - by Be-Mag

Fabrice Guyont Profile

Fabrice Guyont Profile

Most people think Fabrice Guyont is a spoiled young man from downtown Paris, who is ignorant and just everything else what people think about french people. But in fact he is one of the coolest dudes I ever meet. Funny, laid back and always...

January 30th, 2007 - by Be-Mag

Teach them well trailer

Teach them well trailer

Skaters (in order of appearance): Jeremy Soderburg, Cameron Card, Victor Arias, Nick Wood, Winston Wardwell, Connor O'Brien, Matthias St. John, Quinn Feldman, Casey McFarland, Iain Mcleod, Erik Bailey, Alex Broskow, Josh Whitfield, Oli Short

January 25th, 2007 - by Be-Mag

Ecuador Video Edit

Ecuador Video Edit

A last minute change to my thanksgiving plans landed me in the Souther Hemisphere, namely Guayaquil Ecuador. I found out that the black heart of Santee would be attending as well, and was prepared for some ruckus to occur in a foreign...

November 29th, 2006 Michael_B

The Rolling Rock Team & The Swiss Connection welcomes you Edit

The Rolling Rock Team & The Swiss Connection welcomes you Edit

X-MAS BATTLE ROYALE, 16. Dezember, Winterthur Switerland. Check out the Welcome Edit!

News (701 results)
January 15th, 2010 Michael_B

VLC Rookies

The scene in Spain is really taking off, here is an edit featuring the up and coming talent of Valencia, all the kids are 10 years or younger. So see this as an inspiration and get more kids to start skating! VLC Rookies from The Crazy Hous...

January 15th, 2010 Michael_B

Massive A Chosen Few Day in our Lives edit

A Chosen few is making some big moves. They now posted a massive section from their format "A Day in our Lives". Full days with Jon Fromm, Casey Geraghty and the Breakfast Crew, and Jeremy Soderburg. With skating from: Connor O'Brien, Jo...

January 15th, 2010 Michael_B

Martin Benza Xsjado 09 Edit

Check out footage from Spanish Xsjado rider Martin Benza. This is his 2009 edit. Martin Benza Xsjado 09 Edit from Martin Benza on Vimeo.

January 15th, 2010 Michael_B

New South Africa section from Chris van der Merwe

Chris joined the ranks of Xsjado, check out his last section before switching to his new Xsjado skates. So I am sure that we will soon see a new section of him with the new Xsjado skates. Last section before hitting my new Xsjados from Chri...

January 13th, 2010 Michael_B

Albert Hooi Unit 13 skatepark edit

Albert Hooi just shared this skate edit from Unit 13. Enjoy. Unit 13 "Jam" from roshpick on Vimeo.

January 11th, 2010 Michael_B

Catching up With Jon Julio Part 5

Jon Julio is coming back with his newest episode of Catching up. This time he takes us to Berlin, Germany and in this episode you can check out the new Ignition store, exhibitions and more. Catching up with Julio Part 5 in Berlin from Themg...

January 11th, 2010 Michael_B

Victor Arias video edit

Imperial Productions just put up an edit featuring skating from Victor Arias. Filmed and edited by Vinny Minton. Victor Arias - Pro Skater from Imperial Productions on Vimeo.

January 08th, 2010 Michael_B

Adrien Anne Melbourne edit

Adrien Anne filmed in Melbourne for this up and coming dvd titled Confrérie. Here is a leftover edit for USD and Grindhouse. Adrien Anne in Melbourne, Australia (leftovers from Confrérie dvd) from The Confrérie on Vimeo.

January 08th, 2010 Michael_B

5 On it featuring Montre Livingston

Footage Tape is bringing a new episode of their 5 on it series featuring Montre Livingston. FT - 5 On It - Montre Livingston from FootageTape on Vimeo.

January 08th, 2010 Michael_B

New Austin Sullivan video edit

New edit from Austin Sullivan featuring skating from Megan Petersen, Austin Sullivan, Tobias Holden, Dave Montanez and Hayden Ball. Indonesian Trip HD from Austin Sullivan on Vimeo.

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