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Write-up by Maxime Genoud
Filming and editing by Geoffroy Dubreuil 

The building part was the best time one for sure. I like to do such things quickly. But when you do it too quickly you make misktakes so you have to begin again. And I think that you can see it in the video: I’m really not a professional when it comes to wood work. Don’t ask me to build a skatepark! And kids, when you use a grinder: don’t forget to put on trousers and glasses! Security always comes first!

Skating part? Not much to say about it… Just watch the video!

I would like to thank Be-Mag for giving me the chance to be part of this project, the HS36 skatepark that gave me the coping and the wood, for lending me the bus and a lot more. All my sponsors, such as Fenfanix, Urban Kreation, Mood, Rolling Rock and Rollerblade which allowed me to travel a lot this year. Thanks Sven, thanks Sami.

I nearly forgot him but he’s the most important one to thank: Geoffroy Dubreuil, a really good friend of mine! But more relevant to this project, he’s the guy who filmed and edited my video. Thank you Geo for being so patient!

-Maxime Genoud

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